What is HWMODULETEST and why is it for ?

Updated on March 12, 2022

HwModuleTest is a built-in app that tests features on your Samsung Galaxy device.

It can be found in the system of most devices and has been around since Android phones first came out! This one does some important diagnostics work to keep your phone running as smoothly as possible, so

it’s worth taking an extra minute or two to read about this nifty little tool before you delete anything else from your home screen.


The main purpose of the HwModuleTest is to bring to the user the possibility of opening a variety of tests where you can diagnose or check how properly your device is working.

When you open this module test, you will be allowed to try different options in order to confirm the ups and downs you have at the moment with your smartphone.

With HwModuleTest you will know right away what is working and

what is not.

How would you like to get a better sense of who your audience is and what they’re interested in? With HwmModuleTest, we can do just that! Click on “Start My Test” for an exclusive peek at the demographic data from our users.

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It is not possible to do so unless you have different encryption within your device.

This is an internal software, and it’s impossible for a regular user to uninstall the app with normal use.

However, we always recommend keeping this as-is anyways; while it may seem like just another harmless program interfering with system usage, in reality this will help diagnose problems inside of your phone if anything should happen!

It would be nice if those who knew more about mobile devices might know that there are certain apps which install themselves deep into their systems without asking permission from users beforehand or

even telling them they exist at all after installation has completed – but luckily though…there’s always something out there on our side such as RegClean Pro PC Optimizer & Clean

HwmModuleTest is a single-click to install, but you can remove it if need be.

It’s simple! Just go through your Add/Remove Programs on Windows–or Mac OSX Applications folder for users with an Intel processor machine—and remove all traces of HWMODULETEST by selecting “Hemu Module Test” under applications in the list of installed programs until there are no more folders labeled as being loaded into memory during starts up or after closing down completely .

It might take some time before any leftover files have been deleted from these storage locations so please bear this concern mind when removing unwanted software permanently because one never knows what else may still try loading itself onto their HDD even when uninstalled


It’s so great to find a good app that really does what you need it to do! The HwModuleTest is just such an application.

You can open up the menu and see all of the different permissions your phone has given this program access too – from accessing your GPS location, sending SMS messages or recording audio on demand.

This way if there are any bugs in order for these features then we’ll know where they’re coming from right away!

The handy “HwModule Test” App offers users insight into how many special requests it requires when downloading onto their devices by taking them straight to its internal settings page with permission options listed out plainly before us like: Internet Access (GPS Location), Sending Text Messages & Recording Audio

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You can’t run this application unless it has the proper permissions.

What do these different terms mean? The user in charge of giving out privileges is called an administrator, and they have to manage users as well which are referred to when talking about group

policies or local security settings on computers within your organization’s network structure (i.e., “Domain Policy”).

This article will help explain what each type means so you don’t get too lost down memory lane before diving into Windows 10!


Normally this app is not a big deal, but if it does happen to consume your battery, you will have to check the settings.

A good trick for cleaning up HwModuleTest and improving its performance is by clearing cache.

If you go into Settings -> Apps on Android devices or Apps & Games under Applications in iOS-> Show System apps then find “HwModuleTest” amongst other system applications that are listed there; click/tap on it once so all of the options below appear (like Clear Cache); tap on “Clear Data”, which will clear out any information related during use of the application like saved passwords etc.,

then tap again either OK or Cancel depending onto what happens when tapping ‘clear data’.

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