What is IMS SERVICE and why is it for ?

The IMS Service is the IP multimedia and voice service system that comes pre-installed in phones with Android systems, which allows your device to communicate without any problems.

I know you are not the type of person that just sits there and reads something, but I’ve got some really good news for you. We can make this app a lot more interesting! How about we do it through our own eyes? Alright then let’s go ahead with this piece by changing up the words to create an opening paragraph like so: So imagine if one day your phone was able to connect itself into different networks without having any cables or Wifi in sight as long as it had enough data on its memory card. This is what happens when those three letters pop onto your screen-IMS Service.


The IMS Service is a pre-installed application that automatically connects with your carrier service provider. This provides an easy way for you to use various services like text messages, multimedia messaging, and calls throughout the internet network system. But what about those who want to uninstall this app? Does it have any inconveniences which are shown by some users during development of this article?


This article is for people who are having IMS Service related errors and think that they need to uninstall the app.

A lot of frustrated Android users have been contacting us with a problem: their phone says “Unfortunately, we can’t seem to connect at this time.” Trying various fixes by uninstalling apps or even factory resetting has done nothing in some cases so what do you do? Fortunately there’s hope! We’re here today with our top 10 tips on how not only get rid of your pesky error but also prevent future problems from happening again.

One way to fix the “no notifications” bug is by getting your hands on a reliable app that can help. For some, this may be an automatic notification during phone calls or texts when you are busy and cannot answer them immediately. It’s also common for people with older phones running Android 5 Lollipop to have issues like delayed text messages after installing new apps because of low memory space left over from other applications currently in use but still taking up system resources.

One solution would be clearing out old cache information leftover from previous downloads using the Messages App Settings menu option which will show only System Apps so as not to interfere with any third-party software while freeing up needed storage space at the same time


The IMS Service is a pre-installed app that cannot be uninstalled on most Samsung devices. It comes factory installed, and it’s important for the functioning of your phone to keep this service running smoothly.

The IMS Service (IMS stands for “IP Multimedia Subsystem”) provides multimedia communication services such as voice calls, video conferences or messaging via IP networks like 3G/4G mobile wireless connections so you can enjoy these features without using any other cables than those connecting your device with its SIM card in order to provide uninterrupted data flow between both sides when communicating through apps like WhatsApp or Skype which use Voice over LTE technology by default instead of traditional circuit switched telephony methods based on GSM radio transmission towers sending audio packets across


It is important to know what permissions the IMS Service needs in order for it to work. Call logs, camera, contacts location and microphone are all necessary so that you can make phone calls through your PC or use other features of this app like SMS messaging if need be. Storage is needed as well because without enough storage space on a device one cannot install apps at all; only once there’s sufficient memory will an installation attempt succeed.

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