Is Persona 5 Royal longer?

Persona 5: Royal’s added new Confidants and plot content lengthens the main playthrough to 103+ hours. There are also extra player-made quests that can add an additional 125+ hours, so overall it could be between 228 – 252 in terms of playtime!

How long does it take to 100 Persona 5 Royal?

I heard the PlayStation 5 is releasing in 2018! I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby. Based on 774 user ratings, it seems like most gamers agree with me and are super excited for its release too!
I hear Playstation’s newest edition will be released soon-the PS5!! Everyone who has tried out the new console says it really feels as smooth as butter when playing their favorite games (no pun intended). Apparently this thing even comes with an all powerful graphics card so you’ll never miss a single detail while zooming your way through those stunning game worlds again… And if that isn’t enough already, they’ve also added some amazing VR features into this next generation gaming machine which means we may see yet another virtual reality

Is Persona 5 Royal worth getting?

The new version of Persona 5 includes 30 all-new music tracks, and has a newly added opening video that will capture your attention. If you loved the game previously released in 2016, there is no doubt this updated edition offers more content to love! With fresh weather effects as well as an extended time period for play (you can now spend up to 300 days instead), players who have never experienced it before should not hesitate about purchasing P5 Royal when it comes out March 31st on PS4.

Should I finish Persona 5 before Royal?

If you haven’t played Persona 5 yet, there’s no better time than now with #Persona5Royal. It’s basically just a remastered version of the original game but comes packed in with exclusive content and all the DLC that was previously bought for Phantom Thieves needs to be purchased again because they didn’t include it within this release either!

Is Persona 5 Royal censored?

Persona 5 Royal, the latest game in Persona series, will censor multiple scenes that feature two gay men. In an interview with GameSpot project manager Yu Namba confirms this saying “We do not change our content because it’s a Japanese product.”

Does Persona 5 saves carry over to Royal?

Persona 5 Royal is a different game with new content. We don’t have any information regarding Persona 4: Golden save file compatibility yet, but we’ll let you know if the answer changes and can be carried over to Persona 5 Royal — so stay tuned!

Will Persona 5 Royal have the same story?

A brand new character joins the Phantom Thieves, and Persona 5 Royal adds an extra month onto your playthrough. The story is slightly rewritten with a whole host of additional content dubbed ‘Another Story’. In total it will add on as much time to gameplay as there are in between seasons 1-2 of Game Of Thrones!

Which is better Persona 5 or Royal?

If you have not played Persona 5, go with the newly released Royal. If you already enjoyed playing through earlier versions of this game once before on your own or with friends, there is little reason to pick up an upgraded version unless you are a big fan of the original.

Is Persona 5 Royal canon?

Persona 5 Royal is a story that takes place in the Persona franchise outside of the main plot. The events depicted within are not considered canon to any other stories taking part withing this universe, especially those involving Persona Strikers.

Who is Yu’s Canon girlfriend?

Hikari is a very bright girl. She loves the light and always has her windows open in order to feel it shine on her skin, or watch the sun set into night sky of dark blue hues behind clouds that are painted orange from sunlight reflecting off them. Aruru likes how everything looks when she’s outside during sunset because there isn’t as much artificial lighting since most people have gone inside for dinner after work at this time of day so their houses aren’t lit up by indoor lights yet either but Hikari can still see all sorts of different colors just barely visible around those who decide stay out later: greenish-yellow streetlights glow faint reflections onto sidewalks leading home, pale yellow lamps hung over storefronts with glass panes cast

Can you have multiple girlfriends Persona 4 Golden?

Many men these days have multiple girlfriends, but there’s no penalty for it.

Can you get a girlfriend in Persona 4?

The girls in Inaba can be entered into an intimate relationship with the protagonist, much like real life. After you raise your social link level to a high enough point with each girl and choose from special options when spending time together, it will warn that this is about to happen since relationships or friendships are at stake.

Who is the best Waifu in Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 has some tough contenders for best waifu, but I think that Yukiko Amagi is the most deserving. She’s a shy girl who laughs at your bad jokes and runs an Inn as her family business while still being intelligent enough to attend high school on scholarship – plus she comes with kawaii bonus points because of how much she loves food!
Yukiko Amagi (shy girl that’s intelligent, laughs at bad jokes, and runs an Inn for rich parents)

Who can you romance in Persona 4 Golden?

Although Persona 4 has some of the best Social Links in all three games, there are also a few that aren’t worth your time. There is Rise Kujikawa and her creepy stalker; Ai Ebihara who plays hard to get for no reason whatsoever; Naoto Shirogane whose character isn’t developed enough until after maxing out their rank—even then they’re not very interesting; Yukiko Amagi’s still trying to find herself as she trains by working at her family inn with Chie Satonaka and Marie from Strega on the side (although I’m sure everyone can agree that neither “social link” was satisfying); Ayane Matsunaga whom you see only once or twice throughout most of the game unless you

Who can I date Persona 4?

Best Romance in Persona 4, Ranked
8. Yumi Ozawa: She’s kind of Mitsuo-obsessed and doesn’t really contribute anything to the Investigation team or your romance path besides being a cute girl who likes you (despite her being terrible at hiding it).
7. Ayane Matsunaga: This one is an interesting case because she actually does have some background with Naoto that isn’t completely irrelevant but still not enough for me to want to rank higher than this considering how much time we spend on more important things as opposed to just spending all our free time bonding over work like Rise did with us so I guess it’d be fine if someone liked them together? But also feel free never talking about these characters again

Can you date rise Persona 4?

Rise is a member of the Lovers’ arcana, and she’s best known for her part in Persona 4: Golden. Rise shows up on TV frequently as an idol singer who broadcasts from Inaba around midnight every day when you first hear about her. She seems like your typical teenager with big dreams that are fueled by cute things (don’t tell anyone). However, once she gets wind of what’s really going down at Yasogami High School but before all hell breaks loose there – after it appears our hero has been thrown into another world during his way home from school one night…

She represents the Lovers arcanum and joins your party shortly after they discover Kanji Tatsumi’s initially traumatized

Can you date Naoto Persona 4?

Naoto’s social link journey is not an easy one. There are specific choices you must make to even start the friendship, and then more that will unlock her romance path for your character. Here’s a list of all three possible romantic paths with Naoto:

– Strength – Fool – Star

Is Naoto Shirogane a girl?

Naoto, a detective assigned female at birth who presents as male in their daily life, struggles with his gender identity. This is rare instance of empathy for LGBT people in the game series that’s needlessly cruel to them often. However, Atlus demolishes this initial good will over course of the game by doing so many bad things including lying about Naoto’s real sex and relationship status throughout story which lead protagonist Yu Narukami feel betrayed when he found out truth later on much later near endgame after developing feelings more deeply than before earlier because they thought she was girl all along like other characters did until then even though it wasn’t always clear if what happened between them really counts or not since no one ever said anything explicit but still treated her

Does Rise have a crush on Yu?

Rise, a character in Persona 4 known as Yosuke’s best friend and all of the girls’ crush is very open about her romantic interests. In contrast to Yu Narukami who does not reciprocate Rise’s affection, which makes it entirely one-sided on his part.

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