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Play with millions of players around the world
In the online mode, you can choose to play different modes such as deathmatch, bounty hunt, participate in a large-scale battle at

different levels. You can also fight against powerful bosses with your friends in co-op mode.


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The game is equipped with a mafia system that allows you to recruit loyal gang members and increase your power.

In addition, there is also a real-time combat system that allows you to feel the thrill of fighting with other players in an online battle.

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WHAT’S NEW : v 1.4.12

-Game crash bug fix

-Minimap bug fix

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Join the heavilyarmed Mob family in this free to play strategy mobile game that has been gaining popularity lately.

In Mafia City, you get access to different types of weapons like machine guns and shotguns which can be customization with attachments such as scopes or bayonet lauchers for more fun! The graphics may not seem impressive at first glance but they’re really nice once things start getting intense gameplay-wise so give it ago now before someone else does because I’m sure nobody wants their copy owned by somebody else 😉

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