Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)

The world is about to get a little more Marvel. As announced on their website, MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG will be launching soon and it’s going to take over your life (in the best possible way). Join other fans of all ages from around the globe as you embark on an adventure with some famous characters like Rocket Raccoon or The Hulk!


MARVEL Strike Force is the latest, most thrilling action RPG for your smart device.

You’ll have a chance to stand side by side with some of Earth’s best and even sworn enemies as you protect it from an evil force that aims destroy everything! The game breaks out at home- our own countrymen being turned into Super Heroes or Villains while working together against this threat -and now only involves those who can do battle in order save what we love about life: ourselves
A Marvelous Saga awaits

In this game, you are tasked with assembling your very own Marvel squad. These characters each possess their own superpower and have a unique skill set that make them worthy of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in battle against one common enemy: evil!

Mighty Heroes features some awesome 3D graphics as well as several modes for players like single player where they can take on missions solo or accompany up to three other friends online; coop mode allowing groups of two players vs computer controlled opponents while working together towards shared goals throughphies earned at the end -or if need be-, versus match function which pits teams head on vying victory using collectible cards


The world was in danger and only a few special people could save it. The Avengers had called upon STRIKE, whose mission is to gather superheroes or supervillains from around the globe with extraordinary abilities for they knew just what would be needed against an evil army led by Ultimus who sought nothing less than control over all that lies beyond our planet’s borders – until now!

Mightiest among them were Iron Man alongside Captain America; Ms Marvel fighting off beings too hideous even speak their name but which she nonetheless vanquishes without hesitation while Batman leads his allies into battle making use of whatever tools may prove helpful at any given moment so long as each has something important yet unique within themselves waiting patiently…

ARVEL Strike Force is a game where you can collect famous characters from the superheroes of Marvel Universe. From Spiderman and Venom, this collection has it all! You also have other common character such as SHIELD Agents or Hydra Members to choose among for your team-up needs.

If would like more information about these amazing Super Heroes & Villains click here: marvelstrikeforcegameplayvideo


You can’t have enough of the famous characters in this game.

From being delivered right away to earning as you play, there are many options for obtaining them! When shards come across your path they’re used towards unlocking new and improved looks at different levels or through rewards given from completing tasks assigned by guildies who want us all leveled up together – so grab those loot boxes because we need more fans like yourselves out here supporting our community!

There’s never been a better time than NOW to become part

MARVEL Strike Force’s intense battles will be divided into several rounds, and the characters with highest speed go first. Each player can control an army that has a maximum of 5 members; they fight

until complete victory or defeat – unless reinforcements come in to help them out! Characters use their own attributes (skills) equipped for damage dealt against opponents while also protecting troops from harm at all costs during this time period known as “rounds”. You may choose whether join alliances private/open mode where-in 24 people form one group whether alone or publicly displayed on leaderboards .


Six different game modes ensure that you’re never bored. You can play against computer-controlled AI in all of them except Real Time Arena mode, where there are other players from all over the world and it’s 5v5 battles for daily prizes—and if your alliance has 24 members or more then they have an even

greater chance at victory! The exciting Raids require up to 3 friends working together as one unit with unique skills who must fight off waves upon waves while trying not get overwhelmed by Level Up Bosses along their journey through this map filled with tactical opportunities like intersections where power ups may be found; luckily these spots heal quickly after use so don’t forget about stopping by whenever things seem oncoming death sentence

The Marvel Strike Force forums are a fun and exciting place to explore.

Come find your favorite character, or start up an adventure with someone else! You’ll have access to amazing graphics that will make you feel like part of the movie universe – just as if Iron Man were

coming at you through clouded skies while fireballs flew across cityscapes in awe-inspiring slow motion (that actually does happen). The sound effects really put everything into perspective so all aspects can be enjoyed without distraction from other things going on around them such as watching TV which may not appeal equally well

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