What is MDM APP and why is it for ?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. It is software that allows you to manage, monitor and share data from your devices without taking into consideration of the phone carrier they are on. This architecture of programs has more focus in enterprise levels especially those under development due to the growing popularity of smartphones in companies today

MDM (Mobile Device Management) as its name suggests, this kind of software enables users to be able control their mobile device’s security level by managing it remotely, monitoring them while also being responsible for any shared or uploaded data onto these devices which at times may include sensitive information such as company records too


The MDM app works as a central hub for logging in and out of devices on the network, installing new apps to all your devices without having to do it one-by-one manually. You can also use its remote access features from anywhere you are if you have sensitive data stored that needs protecting!

The MDM App provides an easy way for users with multiple mobile device platforms (iOS & Android) or PCs running Windows 10 Enterprise edition installed at different locations across their company’s domain/network – no matter where they’re located physically when not near any computer connected through WiFi hotspots – connect remotely via internet connection before connecting back up again by using VPN connections once more.

If you have a lot of devices that need to be managed, an MDM app can take care of them all. These apps install in each device and require servers where the data is stored for backup purposes as well as any other way they might communicate with one another (GPRS or Wi-Fi). The functions it comes equipped with include:

1) Configuring permissions on specific features2) Managing notifications3) Enforcing security policies

“The new phone you got from your friend is really cool, but it might have some risky apps on there. Let’s go through and make sure that the settings are secure,” said Tina to her brother after inspecting his new iPhone 6s with a suspicious eye. She quickly went into Settings and checked to see if any of the app permissions were set incorrectly or had been granted without consent; she also made sure all important data was backed up in case anything ever happened like losing an SD card full of memories (or water damage). “Now we’ll need passwords for everything so nobody else can get access!”

Can I uninstall MDM app?

MDM app installation is not a pre-installed application on your smartphone. Although it’s free, if you want to uninstall the MDM app from your device follow these steps: open settings -> go down and press “apps” then find all apps -> scroll through until you see the Mdm App after that select Uninstall (you should be able to click this option)-> just ok


Depending on the type of system installed on your smartphone, this type of app will have more permissions in one than in other. Some devices allow for full control over apps and data while others are more restrictive with their limits. MDM Apps can be used to monitor what an employee is looking at or how much time they spend online without any additional permission from you as a supervisor – but it’s worth noting that not all employees are comfortable knowing someone else has access to these details about them so some may find this invasive instead!

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