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Seasons and movies have gained much fame in recent years. Most of the movie freaks are aware of Netflix. It is a media service provider and producing company. It offers a variety of TV shows and films to its users. In addition to this, you can also pass your precious time while watching a movie at night on Netflix. Netflix also has a premium version, In the premium version, there are many other features that are offered to the customers.

You might be thinking that you have to pay for the premium version. Well, it’s true. To get premium access you need to pay for the account but we have something special for you guys. We will be talking about the Netflix apk mod premium in the coming article. Furthermore, you are going to love it. Before going into any further detail, let us start with the features of Netflix.


Netflix Apk Mod Premium

Features of Netflix

The following are the features of Netflix

Netflix premium

One of the best features of Netflix is its premium version. You have to pay an extra amount of money to utilize the feature of Netflix premium. There are three packages in the premium version. We will discuss each of them in the coming section.

High-quality videos

You can watch movies and shows in High defined and 4K video quality. Other competitors don’t offer this kind of feature on their websites.

Netflix apk mod ios
Netflix apk mod ios

Multiple users

Based on the premium packages, multiple users can view the screen at the same time. However, the maximum number of users that can view the screens are 4 in the premium package.


Netflix also gives the option to download the original content. You can download and watch movies during your spare time. The quality of the downloaded file will also be up to the mark.

Copyright Content

The content available on Netflix is totally original. Each and every content on the website has a copyright license which makes it legal.

Netflix premium

There is a premium version of Netflix. You can use a 30-days free trial but you need to pay after that to avail the services. Based on the quality and the number of screens there are three packages on Netflix. The following are the packages of Netflix

Basic package

The basic package will cost you around 7.99 euros. In this package, there is a single screen that can be used at a time. In addition to this, it will be accessible only on a single device. The quality of the videos in the basic package is standard; you cannot get HD quality videos in this package. Furthermore, you can watch films in this package on your TV, Laptop, and mobile phone.

Standard package

The cost of a standard package is 9.99 euros. The total number of allowed screens are two, whereas, it was 1 in the previous package. In addition to this, you can view HD quality videos in this package. Still, 4K videos will not be played in this package. Furthermore, you have access to unlimited movies and TV shows in this package as well.

Premium Package

It is one of the best packages of Netflix. It will cost you around 11.99 euros and has access to 4 screens at a time. Similarly, you can attach 4 tablets or mobile phones at a time in this package. The video quality is Ultra HD which is a 4K quality. In addition to this, you have all of the options in this package which are available in the previous packages as well.

Platforms of Netflix

Netflix is a web application. You need internet access to reach the website.  Initially, Netflix was only available as a website and the user needs a web browser to access the website. With the passage of time and improvement in technology, Netflix made its start on mobile platforms as well. Currently, Netflix is available on all mobile platforms including Android and IOS. Furthermore, Netflix is also available on the gaming console like Xbox and PlayStation. In addition to this, you can also install Netflix on your smart TV.

What is mod

Mod is an abbreviation of modified. It is a modified version of the application that is available on the internet. The gamers are usually aware of mod versions. In addition to this, the mod version is also called a hacked version. It is an unofficial version that is developed by a couple of developers for the purpose of fun. The modified versions have all kinds of premium features. We will discuss the Netflix apk mod premium in the coming section. Furthermore, we will also tell you why you should choose a mod version over the premium version.

What is apk

If you are a windows user, you might be aware of exe file. It is an executable file that can be installed on your Windows operating system. Similarly, apk is also an executable file that can be installed on the Android operating system. Whenever you download a file from Google Play Store, it will download in an apk format. This apk file can be installed on your Android device. Apk applications cannot be installed on your PC directly.

Netflix apk mod ios

Netflix mod apk premium

Just like other applications, Netflix also has a modified version. Under this heading, we will check the features of Netflix mod apk premium

Unlimited downloading

You can get the feature of unlimited downloading of the films and seasons on Netflix apk mod premium. This option is available in the premium version of Netflix. However, with the modified version, you can get it for free. You can download the films during your office hours and after that, you can watch while in bed if you are a movie freak.

No ads

Ads are the most irritating thing that plays during any video streaming. One of the best thing in the modified version of Netflix is that it is totally ad free. No ads will be played during the video playback. You can enjoy the whole movie without any kind of interruption.

No login required

In the hacked version of Netflix, you don’t need any kind of account. You have access to each and every movie without it. Moreover, you don’t need to pay to watch premium quality movies.

Better video quality

We have mentioned that there are three packages for the Netflix premium. The quality of the video depends upon the package that you have opted for. In the hacked version of Netflix, you can access the highest video quality movies which are 4K.

Support Subtitles

Netflix apk mod premium also has all kinds of subtitles for the movies. You can also select the language of the subtitles as per your need.

No user limit

Even in the premium version of Netflix, there is a limit on the users and screens. In the premium package, the maximum number of allowed screens is 4. Whereas, in the modified version, there is no such limit, you can access as many screens as you can.

Multiple languages

The modified versions of Netflix support multiple languages. If you don’t speak English, still you can use Netflix without any kind of trouble.

Netflix premium vs. Netflix apk mod premium

Well, in the aforementioned article, we have seen all the features of Netflix premium and Netflix apk mod premium. Well, one of the main differences between both versions is one of them will cost you around 16 dollars, whereas, other is totally free. In the modified version, you can get all kinds of features for free. You don’t need to pay extra to watch 4K quality videos. You just need to install it on your android device and watch the movies. There are although some drawbacks in the modified version, but still, we can observe that there are more pros over cons.

You don’t need to spend an extra amount and can have the great experience of Premium Ultra HD quality videos. In addition to this, there is no limit on the users and screen. You can use it on as many devices as you want.

How to download Netflix apk mod premium

Well, it is not that difficult to download the Netflix apk mod premium on your smart device. We will tell you guys that how can you install it on your android phones. Downloading is quite simple; you can download by clicking the downloading link from your smartphone. Before downloading you need to remove any Netflix available in your phone.

Installing Netflix apk mod premium

As we have mentioned that you need to remove any previous Netflix available on your smartphone before installing Netflix apk mod premium. Once you have removed now you have to allow access from the setting menu to install and download third-party applications and from an unknown sources. Once the permission is given you can now install it and have fun while watching high-quality movies.

Installing Netflix apk mod premium on PC

To install on your personal computer, you need to install an Emulator. One of the best emulators that we recommend is “Blue Stack”. You can download it from the website. Once the emulator is downloaded, follow the aforementioned steps to install the Netflix apk mod premium and you can enjoy the great experience.

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