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Every movie freak is aware of the famous web application which is called Netflix. It is one of the best and famous internet technology, media service provider, and producing company. Netflix Inc. was founded in 1997. Netflix initially started renting the DVD’s through e-mails.

However, with the passage of time and innovation in technology, they have changed their business model. Furthermore, there are three premium packages for the users in Netflix. In addition to this, there is also a modified version available on the internet. In the coming article, we will discuss Netflix apk mod.


Before going into any further details, let us talk about the history and some facts of Netflix.

Netflix Apk Mod

History of Netflix

Netflix founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It was initially a DVD renting company through Computer emails. With the passage of time, it was the first online DVD renting company in the world. In the year 1999, Netflix introduced membership to its customers. The users need to pay some amount of money to rent a DVD online. There were certain restrictions in it at that time. With the improvement in internet technology, Netflix in mid-2000 introduced the concept of downloading the movies overnight and watching it on the next day. During that time, YouTube has gained much fame for its streaming services. Netflix also incorporated streaming service by 2007, it also introduced the concept of video on demand for the users.  During all these years, the growth of the company sprouted.

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What is mod

The gamers are usually aware of mod versions. Don’t worry we will tell you all about the MOD. Mod is an acronym of modified. It is also called Mod version. The mod version of any application is not official, it is developed by some developers for views and fun purpose. You can find several mods on the internet. Some of them work perfectly, whereas, some are just the wastage of time. However, in the following article, we will tell you guys the best mod version that you can install on your smart device and have the great experience of watching ultra-high defined quality videos.  There are a few drawbacks in the mod version we will talk about them as well. Just like other applications Netflix also has its modified version on the internet. You can easily download it and install on your smart device.

Netflix Features and Services

As we have discussed earlier that Netflix is an internet company and a media service provider. Under this heading, we will discuss all the features and services of Netflix.

Netflix packages

There are main packages in Netflix for the users. Each package has a specific number of screens and devices. We will tell you all the packages in this heading. The first package is basic in which the video quality is standard and you can access a single screen and single device at a time. This basic package will cost you around 7.99 euros.

The second package that is offered by Netflix is the standard package. It will cost you around 9.99 euros and you have access to two screens at a time and this account can be used on two devices. In addition to this, the video quality in this package is High Definition. The third package that is offered by Netflix to its users is the Premium package, which will cost you around 11.99 euros. You have access to 4 screens and 4 devices in this package. In addition to this, you can also watch 4k and ultra-HD quality videos.

Downloading option

Another great feature that is offered by Netflix is downloading the movies. You can download the movies and watch them easily in your free time. For example, if you are at work and you have an internet connection at the office. You can download the movie and while at the bed at the night, you can watch those movies.

Watch multiple shows

In the basic package, you can watch only single show on a single screen at a time. However, the other packages you have access to watch multiple shows on different devices at a time. If you have a premium package, the whole family can watch the movies that they wanted.

Adding shows to your favorite list

Well, you can also add your favorite movies and TV shows on the Netflix. Let us consider a scenario that you are at office and a friend of yours told you the name of a movie. You can open the Netflix and add that show or a movie to yours favorite list. Later on you can watch that show.


You can also rate the shows in your account. This rating will show similar videos on your homepage. In addition to this, the rating will also help others to know about the movie.

Skip Introduction

Netflix also gives you the option of skipping the introduction. In some shows, there are long intros that can consume your time a lot. With the help of Netflix, you can skip those as well. There is a little button on the left down corner. Simply click it and the introduction will be skipped.

Limiting your data plan

Netflix also offers the feature of limiting your data plan. If you are watching movies on your mobile data, you can control its consumption with the help of Netflix. In this way, you can save you extra money and only limited data per day will be available for you to watch movies. Usually, movies consume 1 GB of data in 4 hours depending upon the quality of the video player.

Managing downloads

Just like limiting data plans, Netflix also offers the feature of managing downloads. To limit your data plan, you can also manage the downloads. While downloading a movie or a show, it does consumes your mobile data if you don’t have Wi-Fi. With the help of Netflix, you can limit your downloads so that your data could be saved for other uses.  Most of the applications prefer downloading through Wi-Fi only.

Wi-Fi downloading

As we have mentioned that most of the application prefer downloading from the application using Wi-Fi only. Similar is the case with the Netflix. You can download the shows and films through Wi-fi only. With this feature, your mobile data will be saved and you can use for other purposes. In addition to this, the Wi-Fi downloading is quite fast as well.

Deleting browsing history

Well, if your browsing history has piled up in the Netflix, you can delete it as well. In this way you can manage your searches and in case if you forgot what you have searched earlier. The browsing history remind you.

Changing quality

You can also select your customized video quality in the Netflix. You have to change the bitrates through which the quality of the video playing will be changed.

Netflix apk mod

Netflix in VR

With the advancement in technology, virtual reality has also gained much fame. There are tons of movies and shows that are produced on Virtual reality. Most of the famous streaming websites also support virtual reality. Similarly, the Netflix also supports VR. You can have a great experience while watching the movies in Virtual Reality.

Dolby support

You might be aware of Digital Dolby. It is one of the best speaker systems that are available in LG televisions. One of the best things in Netflix is that it supports Digital Dolby. It provides efficient

Netflix APK MOD

Netflix is an online streaming app that lets you stream your favorite movie and web series from the internet anywhere on your phone or pc. It also can support up to 4k resolution on the movie that you want to watch. Netflix has a monthly subscription if you want to watch your favorite movies and web series. This thread is about the Netflix Mod Apk that will let you watch and stream your favorite movie for free without having to purchase any subscription. It also informs you of any new episode that comes out if you have subscribed to the show.
The following are the features of the Netflix Mod Apk.

Features of Netflix APK MOD

Netflix Mod Apk Allow you to watch any movie or web series that you like without having to buy any kind of subscription. The Mod lets you access all the features of the premium version of the app as well as It lets you watch the movies and your favorite web series in an astounding resolution of 4k all for free. You don’t have to worry about any kind of ad or any time limit of watching in this mod and can watch everything without having to worry about any ad or any kind of trouble in the interference as it has a very user-friendly interference on it that will allow you to navigate on every single feature of the app without any trouble.


Netflix Apk Mod also has multi-language assistance in case you are not familiar or good with the primary language of the movie that you want to watch. Well, no worries the mod has multiple languages as well as the subtitles in case you cannot change or understand the language, You can simply turn on the subtitles and can read at what they are having the conversation about. This way you can simply enjoy any movie that you want without having to worry about the language. Netflix has many of the major languages Pre-installed in it and you can use them anytime you want to change it to your preference.


One of the major issues in any of the streaming application is the ads. They take up way too much time to load and then you have to wait for the specific time for them to end before you can watch your favorite show. This takes way too much time and many people sometimes get frustrated by it if it’s an interesting scene leaving everyone who is watching in the suspense in what is going to happen now. The Netflix Apk Mod also takes care of that and blocks any incoming ads on your phone or pc while you’re watching the movie so you can just sit back and enjoy your movie without any worry. This only happens in this Mod so you can enjoy the shows without having to look out for ads in them.


Are you afraid that you won’t be able to watch your movie or series somewhere or that your internet is expiring soon and the internet data is going to waste or you’re going to travel and afraid you won’t have an internet connection where you’re going? Well fear not Netflix Apk Mod allows you to download all your movie that you want so you can watch them later whenever you’re free. You can watch the movie whenever and wherever you want without any worry. Once it’s downloaded in the application you don’t even need an active internet connection to watch it, Just open up the app and continue from where you left off and enjoy the show wherever you left it from.


No one can beat Netflix when it comes to quality. Netflix has the best quality in any of the streaming application. You can watch your favorite movie or show on Netflix in an astounding quality of 4k resolution. How does the crispy quality of 4k sound to you? Wonderful right?! Well, all the movies and shows on Netflix support 4k resolution that you can watch with this Mod Apk on any of your devices without having any issues. What are you waiting for get your Mod Apk and watch any movie that you want to watch in the crystal clear quality that even you will be amazed to see only on Netflix?


Netflix Premium only allow up to 4 users to watch at a time which is kind of not a big issue if you’re a small family but that is not going to cut out if you live in a big family with more than 4 members and that’s when this Mod Apk comes in which allows unlimited users to watch at the same time without having any kind of issue in the app. You can use this Mod Apk to any number of the people and it won’t affect anything and you can watch your show without any kind of worries that there is any kind of user limit to it. It’s not only better than the premium but It also saves you a lot of money at the same time so you can save that money for something else (why not get some food to watch while you’re watching movies on this mod apk).


Many of the movies and web shows applications don’t have all the shows that you want but with Netflix it’s different. With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited movies and shows right in the grasp of your hands anywhere anytime at any place and what’s more, is that you don’t have to pay a single thing on this Mod Apk for that to happen. Just install this Mod Apk on your phone and enjoy all the countless movies and shows wherever you want no matter the place or time whether you’re in the car or a flight or even on a cruise you can enjoy any of your favorite movies there only with Netflix and this Apk allows you to do it for free. So what are you waiting for hurry up and get this Mod Apk and enjoy all of the content for free?

Netflix apk mod vs Netflix premium

You might already be confused between Netflix apk mod and Netflix premium. Well, one of the main differences is that Netflix apk mod is totally free. You don’t need to pay extra dollars every month to watch premium quality movies. With the help of the modified version, you can easily watch ultra-high definition quality videos for free. In addition to this, you also don’t need to watch ads during the video playback. In the modified version, there are all the features of premium version.

Why Netflix apk mod

You might be thinking that there is already a premium official version of Netflix available, so why should I choose Netflix apk mod. Although, there are certain limitation in Netflix apk mod, but still why should I prefer it?

Well, first of all, Netflix apk mod is totally free. You don’t need to pay a single dollar to avail of the services of Netflix apk mod. All of the premium features are available in it. Furthermore, there is no limitation related to the users. There are although some limitations of the apk mod version. One of the main drawbacks in the modified version is that it is available in android only. You cannot use it directly on Windows or Apple devices. This is one of the main reason that you will choose to install Netflix apk mod rather than purchasing a membership of Netflix premium.

Download Netflix apk mod

Well, it is not that difficult to download the modified version of Netflix. There are tons of Netflix hacked available on the internet. You can download Netflix apk mod directly on your smartphones. However, there are certain prerequisites that you need to follow before installing it on your device. In order to download the Netflix apk mod, click on the downloading link. After that you can download it on your device.

Installing Netflix on your android device

Well, before installing Netflix on your android device you need to remove the Netflix available on your device. The modified version will never work, if there is already an installed apk of Netflix on the phone. Once the application is removed, now you need to allow the permission for the installation from unknown source and third-party installation. After that you can install the modified version of Netflix on your android device.

Netflix apk mod on your Personal Computer

The apk extension of the file cannot be installed directly on the computer. You need to install an emulator before installing Netflix apk mod on your personal computer. You can find number of emulators for android on the internet. However, one of our recommended emulator is Bluesack. You can download it easily from the internet. Once the emulator is downloaded, now follow the aforementioned steps to install Netflix apk mod on it.

Netflix apk mod for IOS devices

Well, just like personal computer, you cannot directly install the apk version on your smartphones. You need to jailbreak your IOS device to install the apk on it. Once the application is installed, you can enjoy the great experience of modified Netflix.


  1. What are the packages of Netflix?

There are three basic packages of Netflix. The basic. Standard, and premium package. The pricing of these packages are different, you can find them on their official website.

  1. Is modified version safe to use?

Yes the modified version is totally safe to use. You don’t need to root your device before installing Netflix apk mod. In addition to this, your device will also not be in danger if you install this application on your device

  1. What are the features of Netflix apk mod?

The features of Netflix apk mod are

  • No ads
  • Unlimited download
  • Movies and Shows
  • Ultra-HD quality videos
  • No login required


  1. Is Netflix apk mod an official application?

Well, mod is never an official application. It is developed by some developers to increase their views and for the fun purpose.

  1. Can I use Netflix apk mod on your personal computer?

You cannot directly install Netflix apk mod on your personal computer. However, you can install it in your personal computer with the help of emulator. One of the best and recommended emulator for android application is Blue Stack.


In the aforementioned article, we have discussed all about Netflix apk mod. In addition to this, we have also discussed the difference between Netflix apk mod and Netflix premium. If you are a fan of films and shows, I would say Netflix apk mod is the best option. You can get all kinds of premium quality video for free.

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