Updated on March 17, 2022

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There are plenty of spooky Operators out and about in search of blood now that Halloween is approaching. The ninth season of Call of Duty®: Mobile, Nightmare, is here, and we’re commemorating the horrific holiday in a major way. Preparation for Halloween Standoff and Hovec Sawmill in Multiplayer; Undead Siege’s return with a new Halloween theme; Trick or Treat at your neighbours’ houses. Furthermore, that’s only a small portion of it.

Season 9 is the culmination of all of your worst fears. At 5pm on October 21, Nightmare goes live. So, if you’re brave enough, here are the next few steps.

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Season 9 of Call of Duty®: Mobile brings nightmares to life.
In Call of Duty: Mobile, the witching hour is nearing. It’s the ninth season of Overwatch, and it’s packed with new maps, events, and a new Battle Pass.

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The Nightmare Battle Pass has added new rewards.

Battle Pass Season 9 includes a tonne of horror-themed stuff, including new Operators, a new weapon that can be used in-game, as well as other premium and free things like Blueprints for Weapons, Charms, and Call of Duty Points.

Free Tiers for the Battle Pass

The new Tak-5 Operator Skill may be unlocked at Tier 14; utilise it in the midst of battle to heal your crew and boost their health. At Tier 21, you’ll be able to equip the new Swordfish functional weapon. The Striker — Covenant and the Charm — Cymbalism are two more free tier items.

Various Levels of the Premium Pass Pass

The Nightmare stream’s material may only be obtained through the Battle Pass. Operators such as Artery — Nosferatu; Rott —Tomb Bound; Iskra — Arachnis; and Nikto — Scarecrow can frighten your enemies. The Epic Swordfish MK2, PP19 Bizon — Haunted Haystack, and Peacekeeper — Spine Rattle are just a few of the scary Weapon Blueprints available.

Jack-o’-lanterns brighten the way as night falls on Standoff in Halloween Standoff. For a short time in Season 9, you can play the original Halloween map. Beware!

When the Hovec Sawmill is activated, players are transported to the desolate settlement of Kastovia, first seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare®. You’ll need to keep an eye out for snipers while traversing the map’s vast landscape.
Trick-or-treaters, rejoice! Event with a Theme

Knock-knock. Treats for trick or treaters! Get out there and see what happens. Treat yourself if you’ve been duped; if you’ve been misled, perform an in-game assignment to receive your candy straight away. Candy gives you event XP, which is used to proceed through the event track and earn milestone rewards. Set up a trick-or-treating party in your room, and don’t forget to stop by the parties of your pals.

Return of Undead Siege and Additional Halloween-Specific Modes

Season 9 of Isolated will feature a new Undead Siege, inspired by Halloween, so get ready to take on the undead once more. New daytime escort quests allow you to face battle against more zombies, such as the Warden, the Heavy Gunner, and the Pulverizer. Pumpkin Confirmed and Isolated at Night, as well as the new zombie scares in Blackout, are also included.

Drop Zone, a brand-new multiplayer mode

Be prepared for chaos. When it was first launched in Modern Warfare 3, this mode allowed teams to compete for control of a drop zone that rotated throughout the match. You can only get Scorestreaks by holding the zone and causing care packages to drop on the map, each of which contains various weapons. The more players in the zone, the more points your team receives, so stockpile…but keep an eye out for incoming grenades.

Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events have been added.

Thumper, the newest weapon in the Launcher class, and the Flash Drone, a tactical drone that blocks the enemy’s vision are among the new incentives for completing new missions. The new Pumped Battle Royale class will be featured in a special event, and your Operator will be able to fly across the area and engage in combat in new ways.

Clan War Updates

There is no new Clan Wars season in Season 9, but the system has undergone a number of significant adjustments. There will be a resetting of the currency and a rotation of the store products this season! But don’t worry, we’ll be making goods more accessible this season and in the next ones by increasing Clan Wars monetary payouts dramatically.

There will be more upgrades in Season 10 as well as new Clan Wars rewards, but for now you can get your hands on unique gifts like Farah – Jinn.

New Halloween Attractions

New Lucky Draws feature scary Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints that will awaken your foe’s worst nightmares. Toy with your victims as one of horror’s most iconic villains, Gunzo — the Devil Jester — and the legendary Thumper – Surprise Party are just some of the characters you’ll see in the Dia De Los Muertos Draw. The choice is yours: live or die. Decide on a course of action.

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