Nova Launcher Prime v7.0.49 APK + MOD (Extra/Unlocked)

Updated on March 12, 2022

Nova Launcher Prime is a launcher application that can help you optimize the interface of your smartphone entirely easily. It offers tons of customization options, gestures optimized navigation and many other features to make using it easier for users!

If you want to change the way your phone looks and feels, Nova Launcher Prime is an app that will train users with its many customization options. It’s perfect for those who love what they see on social media or online publications because this program has trendy-looking designs in every color imaginable!

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In the world of Android, Nova launcher is a household name.

This app has been around for years and still remains popular among users who love its customization features or new interface styles each update. Users also appreciate how quickly it offers them whatever kind look they want with tons to choose from in line with current trends!

The default interfaces from the phone manufacturers are often boring, but this app will give you a refreshing change. With it installed on your device and activated for use in settings→design tab there’s no need to be bored anymore!

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Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most trusted and popular interface customization applications on market today, but it still integrates a unique function that allows you to start with gestures. You can open or lock your screen very easily by simply using swipe up for opening screens and double tapping when in any application; however there are some settings which needs setting before being able to use this feature
The input states ” Nova launcher prime seems like an extention” .

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Nova Launcher Prime’s gesture launch feature allows you to quickly open Google search on your Android device without touching the screen.

You just swipe or tap from one edge of the launcher towards another, and this finder will appear – saving users time! Additionally with Nova in use there are even fewer failures than usual when it comes down critical tasks like browsing online since using gestures means no more accidental taps that send us off somewhere else entirely while trying not miss out anything important happening right now around town (or at home).

With such convenience for everyone who uses an Andoid mobile handset as their personal technology companion everywhere they go; what could be better?


Being an avid follower of new technology, I was excited to try out Nova launcher prime. The application has been said by many followers and rumors that it’s the perfect fit for those who use Android operating system with all its features like data management in one place!


The application has allowed users to unlock many unique features, such as the freedom of customization on every interface. This means that you can create new tabs or folders in your app drawer and adjust icons by custom setting them up!

The application helps you organize your phone by unifying all of the applications.

It can be said that users demand for this type app is quite remarkable, which leads to many people using it and resulting in very messy screens with multiple shortcuts across various platforms like Instagram or Snapchat placed haphazardly onto different tabs rather than having one set home base where everything resides instead; however we live our lives online so why not make life easier?

The drawer was created specifically as an answer towards such problems because if they were left unchecked then organizing oneself would seem impossible at times given how cluttered things become quickly when there’s no centralization point – now every single piece has its own spot! In order help yourself out here are some basic steps: Turn on tap bar


If you have a phone that’s not rooted, Nova Settings is the perfect app for hiding any application or game from prying eyes. Simply go into this hidden menu and choose which apps to hide–it’ll be safe so long as nobody finds out exactly where they are stored! But if there’s something sensitive in your life

(or just want some extra discretion), then root away with our handy guide on how-to do it right now before reading further…
Don’t worry though; I won’t tell anyone what these secret places look like 😉


This app not only has all of the features that you would expect from a messaging application, but it also provides an unread message counter and can refresh your phone’s interface with its great functions.

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