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One Piece Treasure Cruise is an android application (mobile game) which has over 2,000 characters from the One Piece anime. You can play it by getting a crew of your own and going on a treasure cruise. There are also plenty of other events that come with treasure cruises like battles, challenges, and other ships to meet along the way!

The game is free but in order to make some characters you have to buy them through micro-transactions! Micro-transactions mean the developers get paid off certain in-app purchases using real money. This means they’ll put out new content quickly for players who spend money and take longer for those who don’t.

This game will decide the combo by tapping timely fellow characters who have a high enough level. Tapping two characters with a higher level than your current one will guarantee you a combo. On the other hand, tapping two characters with a lower level will cause you to miss a combo. If you miss one in a row, you’ll receive a combo break which is almost as devastating as getting hit by an attack from an enemy!

This game gets interesting when the characters start flying from left to right. You must tap on them before they reach the top of your screen! If you’re having trouble doing this, try using your thumb and tap on them quickly.

You can also get friendship points for accomplishing various tasks (such as leveling up) and use that to buy special items.

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