One Piece Treasure Cruise Japan Mod Apk

One Piece Treasure Cruise is an app with over 2,000 characters from the anime One Piece. You can play it by assembling your own crew and going on treasure hunts! There are many different events that come along during these quests like battles, challenges, or even meeting other ships in the open sea.

The game might seem free, but in order to have access to certain characters you may need spend money on micro-transactions. This means that developers will be rewarded for particular purchases using real currency and the content they release would depend upon how much is being spent by players.

This game will decide your combo by tapping timely characters who have a high enough level. Tapping two characters with a higher level than yours guarantees you a combo, whereas if they are below the threshold then it’ll break your chain and cause almost as much damage as an enemy attack!

The game gets really exciting when characters start flying from left to right! Tap on them quickly before they reach the top of your screen. If you’re having trouble, try using your thumb and tap on them fast.
The friendship points are used for various tasks (such as leveling up) which can be bought with that currency in-game items like special ones or other stuffs too .

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