What Is Badgeprovider and Why Is It for ?

What Is Badgeprovider and Why Is It for ?

The Badge Provider is the essential software that comes with every device to display pending notifications. The name may vary depending on your phone, but this built-in app works for all android devices and keeps you updated about what’s coming in throughout everyday use. Keep reading through our informative guide if you want to know … Read more

What is EPDGTESTAPP and What is it For ?

The EpdgTestApp or Evolved Packet Data Gateway is an Android internal app that helps with the service delivery of untrusted, or if required trusted, non-3GPP access networks. During this article we will try to describe in a deeper way all the functions of this amazing app and some useful recommendations about it. WHAT IS EPDGTESTAPP … Read more

What is CarmodeStub and What is it for ?

The Android app CarmodeStub transforms your phone into a dashboard for the car. With this application, you can search and key in destinations on Google Maps while driving to your destination without any distractions or risk of accidents! This is handy when traveling long distances by road; it’s also perfect if you are trying to … Read more

What is SILENTLOGGING and What it is For?

SILENTLOGGING and What it is For

The SilentLogging is an app that’s tightly related to the modem settings of your device. It may also be found as its package name, which is com.sec.modem.settings. Some users might think this application could possibly be spyware and try to read through all information about it in order to get a better understanding of what … Read more