What is PROXYHANDLER and why is it for ?

The ProxyHandler app is an Android system application that handles proxy configurations and integration with other apps. This can be a little difficult for users who are looking to find out what the ProxyHandler does because it’s not always clear whether or not they have the app installed, but this should help alleviate any confusion!

Hi! This post is all about smartphones and how to keep them safe. I’ll be going over what a smartphone does, the different ways they can get damaged, and some tips on avoiding damage in just five minutes or less per day.

Maybe you’ve heard of something called “smartphones.” It’s modern technology that lets us do things like use social media at work without getting caught by our boss (I’m not suggesting it!), take photos with someone across town…well actually make calls too but who really uses those anymore? Anyway these devices have screens which are made out of glass so if they don’t stay clean this may mean scratches from dust particles or even cracks due to sudden temperature changes–or worse yet being dropped. Let me


To manage proxy settings and VPNs, Android ProxyHandler implements a system that allows you to connect with an immense amount of apps. It also has the ability to change your root domain name server into one designated by yourself!


The ProxyHandler app is only important for the proper running of VPN services, but it doesn’t matter at all to Android’s general functioning. Normally, this app does not use a lot of data and isn’t going to be on your phone unless you have it open. This program weighs in around 50KB so having it installed won’t cause much trouble with storage space either!

If you want to uninstall the ProxyHandler app, it is best just for safety security purposes first stop application functions for a couple of days to see behavior of your phone. If there are no changes in normal usage after phones stops running proxy handler, then can delete this threat from device.


In this case, the ProxyHandler application does not require any permission to access our phone. This is because it has been designed so that you don’t have to allow or deny anything at installation time as there are no permissions involved and henceforth none of your data can be accessed by anyone without first hacking into your device.


The ProxyHandler may be a safe application but it’s always worth remembering that some viruses can install themselves as the same name. You need to make sure you don’t have any proxies running for your internet service and delete all connections from WiFi networks not in use. Unless there is an app requesting a proxy, then this one couldn’t run either on background or if apps are making requests – which I recommend uninstalling it completely at once.

The Proxy Handler may be considered relatively safe by many users because of its fairly low impact when installed however; given that some malware will disguise itself with the same file name, precautions should still taken against possible risks involving deleting unused wifi connection settings (unless prompted) and only allowing trusted applications access to establish remote

This article is about one of the most essential features that we use every day but often take for granted. The ProxyHandler app, as it’s name suggests, can help you filter through different proxies so that each internet connection will look like a fresh start from any location in the world to your computer or smartphone browser. With this feature on hand and with all other security measures already taken care of by us at our office here at Avast Antivirus Support-we make sure there are no backdoors left open for hackers who want to get their hands on personal information!

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