Rise of Cultures MOD APK v1.35.9 for Android

Updated on June 20, 2022

Tactical games developer InnoGames has released a new game called Rise of Cultures MOD APK.

InnoGames GmbH, despite the avalanche of action, role-playing, MOBA, and survival games flooding the market, chose to focus on strategy games.

Simple gameplay and an ancient-world theme are hallmarks of this company’s offerings.

The ancient period is no exception in Rise of Cultures MOD APK at this point.

In a society where people are limited to hunting and gathering for sustenance.

Please join us right now to learn more about this fascinating game!

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Start with Rise of Cultures

In order to play this game, you must begin with our protagonist, Felix. In order to assist him and his wife construct an empire that is both affluent and modern, you will join them. When the game simply gives you a piece of a puzzle and a small stone house, the task will be quite difficult.

The next step is to plant the seedlings.

You will gain experience points, new dwellings, and new tribes’ friends after harvesting.

Check out the blue water bottle icon to see how many experience points you’ve gained.

Periods can be seen in the RESEARCH table. Phase one of the Stone Age is where you are right now.

For the Tribal Settlement, select STONE AGE and use 1 exp.

A new home awaits players in this category. The City Hall, seeds, and a specific sum of money should be added to your current residence.

Cultivation is the next step after gaining access to the Tribal Settlement.

Then, you’ll get a coin and a new field called RURAL FARM, and you’ll be able to use them.

You now have the option to upgrade RURAL FARM by clicking the Upgrade button. Afterwards, you’re free to sow that seed.

Be especially attentive to the main screen’s notifications. You can earn Coins by clicking on it when you see it.

Building new homes to welcome new members of the tribe is a good idea as you await the harvest.

When you first started off, there were only two options: a Small House and a Premium House.

Upon completion of the construction project, you will

5 coins and 350 gems are yours! You’re now ready to give your community a name.

Fighting in Rise of Cultures

SPEAR FIGHTING will be available to you if you’ve unlocked Cultivation.

It takes 2 experience points to get it unlocked.

New buildings and an axe are given to the troops after that in the Infantry Barracks. Select the map symbol, then the 2 swords icon, and you’re ready to go on the search for wild boars!

You will be fighting with two half of your team. For the first part of the battle, the melee takes place, while the second half is dominated by the archer. It’s imperative that players keep an eye on the health bar at this time.

Choosing the stone icon will cause a giant rock to be thrown at the boar, dealing massive damage.

To help you build your tribe, you will receive 150 Coins after winning.

Tribal development

Dividing your group into two equal parts is a good idea.

The agricultural, livestock, and construction industries, as well as other home-based businesses, will form the backbone of the economy.

Hunter-gatherers from the tribe then bring the money back to them.

That means that hunters must be improved, and tribal lands must be expanded.

The hunter icon can be used to locate and upgrade your army (upper right corner of the screen).

In addition to a pair of binoculars, you’ll need to look for wildlife habitats.

You’ll have to move your army there if you want to retrieve your tribe’s resources. Hunting wild creatures and gathering materials are all part of the game’s early-game experience in the Stone Age.

The graphics

The 2D visuals in Rise of Cultures have a stunning color scheme. Aside from that, I really like the photographs.

It’s a lot of fun to listen to.

Aside from that, the game depicts ancient human life in all its realism.

The graphics in Rise of Cultures are stunning once you’ve unlocked the pyramids, skyscrapers, and other architectural marvels.

The MOD feature

a never-ending supply of gold or jewels


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