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Rise of Kingdoms is a free to play browser-based strategy game. Gameplay takes place on a map covering an entire world, with up to 20 players simultaneously engaged in real time warfare around the globe. The game runs on HTML 5 and javascript.

Rise of Kingdoms utilizes social media as one of its uses for player interaction and marketing. Players are able to send friend requests or request alliances with other players. The game is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (in beta).

Rise of Kingdoms won the “Best Browser-Based Game” award at the 2015 Unity Awards.
As of May 2015, Rise of Kingdoms has been downloaded over 7 million times in 190 countries and territories. As of June 2016, RIse of Kingdoms has 2 million active players, with over 100,000 new players signing up each month.

In April 2016, Rise of Kingdoms released an update with a new game mode called “Arena” that allows players to compete against each other with pre-selected armies in an open arena setting (no fog or natural obstructions). This mode was received with mixed reviews.

Two months later in June 2016, Rise of Kingdoms released an update to Arena that revamped many of the game mechanics, including unit costs and battle rewards. The update also added special events such as “Kingdom Clash”, where players battle for control of a disputed area on the map (as seen in the Gameplay section above) and “Hero’s Journey”, a random mission generator mode where players complete challenges to earn rewards. This update was received with much more positive reviews from the players.

An overwhelming majority of Rise of Kingdoms users are located in Western nations such as Germany, France and the United States. Many users consider the game to be a “Free Browser Game” that is similar to other browser games such as Clash of Kings or Clash of Clans. However, the game has developed a relatively large audience in countries with high speed Internet connections, such as South Korea and Japan.

A Rise of Kingdoms live-action commercial began airing on TV in 2016. The commercial was shot entirely in South Korea and features Korean actor Yoo Hae-jin. It shows Yoo Hae-jin attempting to conquer the Kingdom for his own personal gain before being subdued by an alliance of other nations who overtake him and his troops.

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