Rocket Sky! APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.6.0

Updated on June 20, 2022

Kwalee’s Rocket Sky! MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an intriguing arcade game.

The exploitation of a topic of global interest and humanity’s greatest feat is the basis of this video game’s storyline.

About Rocket Sky!

In our childhood, anyone who didn’t want to be an astronaut and fly rockets into space and aim for the stars was considered odd.

It was a fantasy, but a lovely one. Make your dreams come true with the help of Rocket Sky!!

The publisher Kwalee handed the player a basic but intriguing gift in the form of Rocket Sky!. If we cite titles like Shootout 3D or Jetpack Jump, we can immediately identify the publisher’s approach.

They constantly provide players with a pleasant experience through games that are easy to pick up yet difficult to put down once you get started. This is Kwalee’s philosophy, and it’s what draws millions of gamers from all over the world to their games.

A simple game

A simple and unusual game was provided by Kwalee. Rocket Skygameplay !’s is basic enough that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Anyone, regardless of their age, can enjoy the game.

To get your rocket to go as high as possible, all you have to do is touch and hold it. It may appear straightforward, but players will be fooled by its apparent simplicity from the get-go.

In the beginning, you should familiarize yourself with the rocket’s engine, operating principles, and so forth.

In this way, the rocket may be easily controlled and taken to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

It will explode if you press and hold for too long with the intention of flying higher. No one wants to waste a rocket, which is expensive both in-game and in real life.

Breaks record

All you have to do to beat your own records is keep launching rockets farther and farther into the sky, regardless of the difficulty level or game mode you’re playing in. The prior records are not just for you, but for all gamers throughout the world.

There are methods in which Rocket Sky! can keep players involved for a lengthy period of time, despite the game’s repetitive gameplay.

If you can break every record in the world, your records are also a challenge to everyone else. It’s a great method for everyone on the team to recognize your name.

In order to be the top rocket scientist in the world, you must have a thorough understanding of rockets and how they work.

The rocket’s hull has two bands of yellow and red on it, which you’ll see as it lifts off. If the missile is operational, you’ll know it from this data.

The temperature of the rocket is displayed in two colors: red and yellow.

The red bar should be your primary focus. As the rocket heats up, this is a sign that it is nearing completion. The rocket will explode if you don’t keep an eye on it.

Discover new planets

There are no escalating levels of difficulty in Rocket Sky! Instead, new world records are being set all the time for you to break.

However, if you can play games in a variety of circumstances, you won’t get bored.

It is possible to find several new planets every time your rocket travels into deep space. Your rocket launchers may be located there as well.

Ultimately, though, you want to soar as high as you can.

In addition to the newly discovered planets, you will receive a large amount of gold coins for each successful journey.

You can use that money to improve your rocket. You can extend your excursions by upgrading your cooler or adding more fuel.

With that gold, you’ll be able to access a wider variety of modern missiles.


Advertising is a constant irritant for mobile gaming gamers. Ads, on the other hand, are critical to the game’s success.

You’ll have a hard time earning gold coins to enhance your gear early on in the game.

Getting gold packages is as simple as watching a few adverts.

Rocket Sky! is a great game to play if you are certain that you can make a lot of money.


The graphics of Rocket Sky! are simple, but the 2D style is vibrant.

The game has a wide range of settings, including the familiar on other worlds as well as the unfathomable cosmos.

In addition, the game has a collection of rockets that are both detailed and eye-catching. You won’t become bored or tired of looking at things.

MOD APK version of Rocket Sky!

Features of MOD can be summarized as follows:
Infinite Resources
No Ads When VIP Is Enabled

Download Rocket Sky! MOD APK for Android

Rocket Sky! is the eagle-eyed voice behind all of the foregoing. It’s a simple game in terms of gameplay, but that’s about it. As a result, it’s ideal for use throughout lunch or a brief cab journey. If you’re a fan of rockets, Man vs. Missiles is the show for you.

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