Download Save My Snaps APK For Android Latest Version (Snap Saver)

Save My Snaps App

Save My Snaps is an app that allows you to download the snaps or stories of your friends because they will not know if it has been screenshot. You can feel safe and secure while using this application as there are no notifications sent back when a snap is downloaded so everyone stays happy!

It might be a separate app, but it couldn’t be more fun. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to try, the Snapchat is perfect! It’s got everything from hilarious video filters that make your face look like an animal or cartoon character (we love those) all the way to awesome stories where people can post photos and videos of what they’re doing at any given time – day or night – which makes this one versatile social media platform we never want to stop using.

Features of SaveMySnaps APK

Interface Like SnapChat

As the SaveMySnaps app is just for Snapchat, it has a similar interface to snapchat. However, while using this application you will not be able to save snaps that come onto your screen as its camera feature doesn’t currently work and may change in an upcoming update!

Save Snaps & Stories

Save My Snaps is a Snapchat app that lets you save your friends’ snaps and stories without letting them know. If you’ve used snapchat before, then I’m sure the first thing on your mind was to take a screenshot of someone’s photo or story to keep it for yourself – but this defeats the purpose of sharing something with others! SaveMySnaps saves whatever photos/videos from people in private messages as well as their public feeds so they’re never lost forever.
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Small Size

A 3 MB apk, this app is a great option for Android users with limited storage. Also featuring drawing and caption features, the low-memory usage makes it suitable even if you have so much apps installed in your device already.

How to Download Save My Snaps APK on Android:

Now, install the download link given above and save my snaps apk file. After installation of this app, you will be able to keep your saved Snapchats safe from Snapchat itself or other people who want access it without having any permission for that particular account because now only the owner can see those private messages which has been downloaded with Save My Snaps application on their mobile phone device.
This is a great feature introduced by “SaveMySnaps” developers as they know how much important are these snapchat images/videos and chat conversation so we do not need worry anymore about losing them even if our mobile gets stolen unintentionally due to which we lose all data present in our smart phones including valuable photos & videos etc…

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