What is SKMSAGENTSERVICE and why is it for ?

The SKMSAgentService is a service of the android system that comes with most Samsung smartphones. These tasks are usually in charge of supporting eSE mobile NFC services, and if you don’t know what this means then we’re here to help explain it for you-eSE stands for Service Knowledge Management System which consists of various tools used by experts like yourself to manage knowledge and information efficiently.

Imagine the life of a spy. You have to be cautious, aware and always on guard for any potential danger or threat. This is exactly what SKMSAgentService does with your mobile device when you don’t use it! The eSE or Embedded Secure Element microchip will ensure that all data stored in your phone remains safe from hackers and thieves who are trying to steal information out of our devices- even if they get physical access (handset) into them as well as remote hacking attempts – during those moments we’re not using our phones


SKMS Agent acts as the middleman between SKMS and eSE. It interacts with both to give you a seamless experience when managing your data from any device!

This definition will be a little confusing for some users but in general, we can say that this built-in software supports the eSE mobile NFC services. This piece of software is embedded with support to run services on an SE’s (smartphones) integrated NFC chip or radio antenna device which is used by other devices such as credit cards and key fobs.

Details: The term “eSE” stands for Embedded Secure Element – one example of how smartphones are turning into personal ID tokens capable of storing sensitive information like passwords and payment card details securely without being susceptible to malware or hacker attacks.


The eSE is a security mechanism that can be used to protect applications in any device. It’s not just applicable for app, but also other things such as payments, transport and ticketing systems among others. That said, if you have some problems with this application or need help uninstalling it from your device; don’t worry! You’ll never be able to uninstall the apps through normal means so make sure you contact our support team at (XXX) XXX-XXXX [email protected]

In short, please do not remove SKMSAgentService. This is a very useful android application and your device may have future inconveniences in its common functions like being able to send text messages or connect with friends on Facebook Messenger.

In short, please don’t take away the ability for me to use all of my phone’s features just because you think it should be removed!


To find out what permissions an app has, you just have to take a look inside the app and check on the “permissions” tab. This particular application only requests one permission which is outlined down below: Storage-related accesses


If you think that SKMSAgentService is a virus or malware, then you’re totally wrong. As we all know by now if we’ve read the article from start to finish, this is an internal app and it’s not likely a virus. You may have received an alert about this file but it could be due to another application which was installed on your device recently instead of my program.

With the daily use of your device, it can become full with errors. If this is an issue you’re running into then consider using our free online support that will allow to restore and clean up any issues on your phone or tablet so take advantage now!

The average user spends over three hours a day looking at their mobile devices but if these are bogged down by error messages from malware attacks, they won’t work as well as intended. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you we recommend cleaning out system files in order for them to function properly without interruptions

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