Updated on March 17, 2022

The Best Sniper in COD Mobile 2022: Definitive Guide


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In Call of Duty, the Mobile Sniper has been a staple weapon for one-shot kills since the very beginning.

The performance prime, damage, hit box target, and effective range of each sniper is unique.

Selecting the finest Sniper in Call of Duty: Mobile requires consideration of numerous aspects.

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Are you looking for the best Sniper with a fast scope?
Sniper accuracy is something you care about, right?
Another option is to go for the most damaging sniper.
To find out which Sniper is perfect for you in COD Mobile 2022, read this post.

There are now nine snipers in the game after only two years since its introduction on mobile devices. It has 5 bolt-action snipers and 4 semi-automatic snipers.

It’s impossible to pick one sniper out of the nine as the best, therefore we decided to break them up into three groups:

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COD Mobile’s greatest Quick Scope Sniper.
Snipers such as the Locus and Outlaw may be best suited to aggressive gamers who enjoy chasing adrenaline-fueled scope kills faster than their eyes can see.


Player convenience is further enhanced by the locus’s fast ADS time.

Locus, with the right attachments, may become one of the best snipers in close and mid-range combat.


However, the outlaw’s ADS time is the fastest, but he has several drawbacks.

It’s best to start with the locus if you’re new to trick shot or quick shot, as Outlaw precision can be challenging.

The Outlaw, on the other hand, is the finest sniper for experienced snipers looking for new challenges. WHY?

Among snipers, this sniper’s ADS is the fastest, and it also has the smallest hit box, making it ideal for one-shot kills.

Once you get into the rhythm of it, you may improve your accuracy and tighten your aim.

With the Outlaw, you can only obtain a one-shot kill by hitting the enemy in the Upper Upper Chest. With a short glance, of course.

Sniper, Call of Duty: Mobile’s Most Accurate
You can also try the DL Q33 and the SVD if you’re a more adaptable gamer that prefers mid-range sniping, but not as much as a rapid scope addict.

The Q33

The DL Q33 has held the top spot in our tier ranking for a long time when it comes to precision shooting.

To put it another way, you can see exactly where the bullet will land before you fire the sniper with the DL Q33 thanks to its lightning-fast bullet velocity.

The controls are easy to use, and the ADS time is excellent for a sniper with a high degree of accuracy.


In terms of excellent accuracy, the SVD is the only good semi-auto sniper you should employ. The SVD is semi-auto.

Players who miss their first shot and don’t want to reload the chamber will benefit most from the SVD.

Despite the fact that it is technically a one-shot kill sniper, players that value accuracy above skill will appreciate the fact that they can fire up to 10 shots before having to un-ADS.

COD Mobile’s Best Sniper for Doing Damage
The Arctic 50 and Rytec AMR might be ideal for you if you’re a patient player who prefers to take his or her time with each shot, even if it takes two seconds or two minutes.


If you utilise the Arctic.50 correctly, you can annihilate an enemy in COD Mobile.

Arctic.50, a Call of Duty for Mobile Devices

In addition to its tremendous damage, the Sniper’s bullet travel speed is fairly rapid, although its ADS time is a touch long.

But if you want the most powerful sniper, the Arctic is your best bet.

If you’re over 50, find a cosy spot to lay down and frag away.



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