TiviMate IPTV Player v4.0.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

The world is changing. LCD TVs are now popular and give people the opportunity to access internet services through them, such as IPTV or Internet Protocol TV. These types of devices provide information from many distributors that can be accessed by using a remote control on your television set while also allowing you change channels with ease!

Some people often have to settle for less when they want their favorite television shows, but there’s an easy solution. IPTV emulation applications work just as well and even provide better quality of service than many other methods do!

TiviMate IPTV Player is one of the applications that can emulate an IPTV service for a user.

It’s developed by T Magazine (the makers behind other popular apps like Instagram), and it provides access to international channels right on your device without having to use LCD TV.

The application has limitations though; because there are no buttons or navigation features in order make things easier with just one hand- operation should not pose much problem either way as long you have full attention during playback -and this means its lacklustre when considering high quality streaming services such us those available through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video,…


IPTV is a convenient way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, but it can be tricky if you’re not familiar with how the interface works. Fortunately there are some great IPTV services out there like TIVIMATE that have simple interfaces so even beginners will understand what they need in order for binge-watching season!

The innovative menu bar integrated into the interface makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for and customize their experience.

A relaxing color palette, appropriate layout of buttons without any freks or gaps in-between them just make using this app all that much more enjoyable!


The app for IPTV is easy to use and provides all the channels that users can watch. They connect in a simple process, allowing them any time or place they want with their favorite TV shows!


IPTV is not just a way to watch TV. It’s an experience with which you can access all of your favorite channels, follow the shows on-demand and even search for past seasons if they’re missing something in their library! The best part? IPads will be compatible too so no matter where someone goes it’ll always have access.

The app is a revolutionary way to interact with your favorite TV shows and movies.

Not only are you able watch what’s going on now, but by using this application it will be easier than ever for users to schedule times when they can tune-in as well! With all of these different features in one place though there’s never been an easier time watching live or recorded content because everything can happen right from the comfort of home-even if its 3AM where everyone else has gone asleep already 🙂


If you enjoy IPTV on your LCD TV, make sure to get a remote control for all the basic functions.

If not–and if instead of using TiviMate-your preferrred viewing experience is done through touch screen operations with interactive buttons and controls built right into them!–then that will be what gets displayed when watching live television or recording programming onto an external hard drive!

The app not only offers many convenient features, but it’s also flexible and easy-to use.

For instance, users can show or hide the console with just one tap!

They have control over where in space their buttons are located as well – whether close at hand on an smartphone screen; far away across a room with speakers turned up loud…or anywhere else entirely if you’re feeling creative about how best to reach them (perhaps through sound waves?).

The possibilities here seem endless really so take some time getting used to what feels right for YOURSELF because this is YOUR device after all!.

TiviMate is an application that lets you connect to IPTV from the comfort of your home. The device can be hooked up wirelessly, without having any cables between it and whatever provider provides services for this type TV service; all while saving money on cable bills!

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