what is hip fire in call of duty mobile

Updated on March 17, 2022

During matches, most COD Mobile players will employ the hip fire option.

If they go with this route, they won’t be able to do much aiming. For those who prefer a more aggressive strategy, hip fire can help them get more kills by letting them fire at their opponents faster.

Trainign with this mode on helps players (Image via ZARA COD, YouTube)

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Here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty Mobile’s hip fire.

When playing COD Mobile, you can switch from ADS to hipfire.
All weapons in the game are set to ADS by default. By accessing the game’s settings on the home screen, players can choose to using hip fire as an option.

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The gear icon at the top of the home screen can be accessed by clicking on it.
Gamer’s current credit balance must be selected in order for this to work. Upon reaching the settings screen, they’ll be prompted to select the controls menu as their next step.

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In the controls options, select the hip fire mode.
Advanced Mode on the right allows players to select the hip fire option after they’ve gotten there. However, if they so like, users can use the Custom Layout option to customise the in-game controls to their liking.

COD Mobile will then save the user’s preference, which they can now use in games.

In COD Mobile, you can use hip fire.
With the procedures above, players will be able to use their weapons with the new hip fire option to fire at foes.

They can more quickly and directly fire their weapons towards an enemy’s hip by pressing the hip fire button. In addition, because the hip is a key portion of the body, it might inflict more damage with a single strike. This will make it easier for gamers to destroy opponents in COD Mobile when they are hit by a gunshot or other weapon.

Players benefit from training in this mode (Image via ZARA COD, YouTube)
When the hip fire option is enabled, it is a good idea to equip weapon attachments on the player’s firearms. Laser pointers, for example, can be used by players to improve their hip-fire technique and deal with the reality that it is more of a rapid-fire method.

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