What is IMSLOGGER and why is it for ?

The ImsLogger is an android app that comes pre-installed on most Samsung phones. This app has a lot of permissions and some users might be concerned, but it doesn’t mean anything because the icon looks strange (A crying blue face). It’s actually from Samsung customer service so there isn’t any threat for your smartphone


The ImsLogger is an app from Samsung that allows for compatibility with vendor or carrier-provided communication apps. This makes calls and SMS to be delivered via IP networks, which can provide a level of flexibility in terms of multimedia messages (MMS) as well as database and diagnostic support for T-Mobile VoLTE WiFi calling.


Unfortunately like many of the other pre-installed apps, you are not able to delete it or at least move it to your sd card. The only way possible is if you have a different system with another kind of encryption which will differ from the usual oneā€”but that can damage your phone if done incorrectly.


So say it was an extreme hot day and you were driving, the app would use that information to help other drivers avoid traffic jams.

This new software will improve your performance on one of life’s most important tasks: navigating around a city! The first thing this program does is access all data necessary for smooth navigation through or out of any given area. It then compiles relevant pieces into easily accessible categories like “fastest route” and “best time”. This way when we know our destination better than Google Maps could ever do (or even if they did), we’ll have up-to-date options right at our fingertips without having to consult anyone else about what may be the best decision in regards to saving time or fuel money.

When most people hear the word storage they think about how many photos, videos, or music files are on their device. They don’t realize that a lot of apps also store data in your phone to help it run smoothly and/or perform certain functions more seamlessly. You can access this information by going into “Settings” (which is easy enough), but there’s an app for those who want convenience: Samsung Keyboard Storage Finder! This clever little tool does exactly what you would expect from its name–it finds all the different types of things stored on your keyboard so you know just where everything is located when needed again later without having to go through hours worth of searching every time something new pops up unexpectedly somewhere deep down within some random folder with


Sometimes it may be hard to figure out how to disable the battery-sucking apps on your phone. Luckily, there are some easy steps that should work for you!

Go into settings and look at Restrict background data activity or Background Data Usage; whichever one is available will depend on what device you have (they both serve the same purpose). Touch this setting until a slider appears where all of these applications can now live in their own little world without being able to communicate with each other while they’re running which reduces CPU usage which leads us back around nicely – 2 hours ago I was having issues because my Android had been draining itself faster than normal but then after following these simple steps we were soon sorted: not only did my smartphone stop

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