Where are the legendary chests in fortnite?

The treasure chest is hidden behind a bed in an attic at the southeast corner of Sweaty Sands, within Pleasant Park. To find it, enter through any entrance to Pleasant Park and follow this path: west from fountain square past two shops east until you reach another shop south three buildings then north one building again all while keeping open eyes for signs with red doors or roofs once finding such door go inside and up stairs into second floor look on left side there should be some beds blocking your way walk around them carefully if not already done so continue walking forward along eastern wall before getting too close to tunnel’s end turn right (north) upon reaching northernmost edge of room move toward western wall as cautiously as possible looking out for obstructions even more than previously

What is the legendary quest in fortnite Season 5?

Each week, seven days will pass until the next Chapter 2: Season 5 Quest is released on Fortnite Battle Royale. These quests are automatically unlocked with your battle pass and contain a limited time of 7 Days for completion before they cycle out again to the following quest in line.

Although the modern-day legends about this quest have been around for quite some time, it still excites fans of all ages. The short answer is that you will need to search Hasla and find Unskulled Eye Plant which can be found at coordinates 2280 x 1520 on a mountaintop in Lazy Links (a point location). You’ll also likely run into other players looking to get their hands dirty while they’re out there exploring!

How do you complete the week 4 challenges in fortnite?

The seven Fortnite week four challenges in Season 4 include searching chests at Slurpy Swamp, eliminations at Weeping Woods, dealing damage within 10 seconds of bouncing off an umbrella at Sweaty Sands and destroying Collector Cases.

In order to complete Week 4 challenges in Fortnite, you’ll want get into some practice. Try taking on one of the easier ones like elimination or searches first so that if things go wrong it’s not game over just yet! For more difficult tasks try out finding Weapons hidden around rural areas with a lower gravity level (such as Prospect Town).

What week is it in Chapter 2 Season 5?

As the fifth week of Fortnite Season 5 commences, players are faced with new challenges to complete. A total of seven different tasks must be completed in order for the player’s Battle Pass progress bar to fill up and unlock a special loading screen that reveals one piece of exclusive artwork featuring an unknown hero or villain. The seventh task is rumored as being “Follow where it leads,” but no further clues have been provided!

You’re probably wondering what week it is in Chapter 2 Season 5, right? You can find out by looking at the calendar below.
You’ll see that we’re just getting started with this new adventure! There are still a lot of things to do and no character has been introduced yet so stay tuned for more updates soon 🙂

What is the gathers in fortnite?

Gatherers are easy to defeat and destroy, but if you’re not careful they will sap your health down. They come from Gorgers which are big daddy enemies in Fortnite that can be difficult for players to take out on their own.

There are two main types of gathering in Fortnite: picking up items with yourfeet and using weapons. In order to pick things up you need a hand, but ifit’s not possible for whatever reason then there is also an item that can be obtained by shooting at themwith any kind off firearm or else just shoot it outwards!

Where is sharks shell in fortnite?

The entrance of Sharky Shell is guarded by a giant rock with the face of a shark. Despite its name, it’s actually just an abandoned town in ruins due to being ravaged by fire and war over time. It can be found above Coral Castle where there are falls coming down into the ocean below you as well as around 25 other egg hunters waiting for their next battle inside this area too!

The blueprints for sharks shells are found in the Vending Machine near Lighthouse at Fortnite’sark.

Where can I find a blueprint of the Shark Shell weapon? The answer may surprise you! The secret location has been kept hidden within one of this game’s most popular items: A vending machine that sells food and drinks, located right outside what would be considered by many players as its own little universe- an outer space called “Lighthouse.”

Is there sharks in Season 4 fortnite?

Season 4, Chapter 2 brings a new addition to the game that makes sharks absolutely useless. If you work with this item correctly, your shark problem will disappear and won’t be an issue anymore!
The most recent season in Fortnite has brought on a major change: Epic Games added another object into gameplay called “the bubble.” This can protect players from any damage coming out of water for 10 seconds (including falling damage). There are certain locations throughout different maps where it is recommended to stand when using the Bubble due to its large size and extensive use; one example would be Tilted Towers as there have been many accounts of people encountering multiple sharks at once while playing around here.

The Season 4 Fortnite update has arrived and it’s full of surprises. One of those new items are sharks! You can find these rare creatures swimming in various locations across the map, including among some notable landmarks like Danger Zone or Paradise Palms (but be careful because they’re also just as likely to show up at random). If you manage your risks well enough while playing through either one these areas then there should be no shortage whatsoever when hunting down ten different kinds that swim around aimlessly waiting for someone else make their move first .

It seems almost certain given how heavily featured this particular animal seemed during last week’s big man vs nature trailer reveal concert on

What country is Sharky from?

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The tiny European nation called “the Netherlands” is famous for two things: their tulip flowers and having really nice citizens who live in a great city named Amsterdam .

Sharky is a Pakistani celebrity who became famous for his funny videos on YouTube. He comes from the town of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab province which was founded by Mirza slaves during Mughal era
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What does it mean to finish top 25 in fortnite?

The challenge in Fortnite week 5 is to land at the Yacht and make it into top 25. This means that you have landed on a yacht, survived until you are among the top 25 players alive, but then killed or died.

In order to be considered top 25, one must have reached level 99 in Fortnite.
Videos and articles about how you can get better at playing this game often mention that your performance is measured by ranking which means there will only ever be 24 people who are deemed worthy enough for such high standards of skill!

How do you land a shark in fortnite?

The best way to get a Fishing Rod is by killing zombies. You can also find them in chests at the end of some piers and as an uncommon drop from sharks when you use it on them.
Once hooked, ride your rod like a jetski!

You might be wondering how to land a shark in Fortnite. Well, if you’re willing to spend some time and resources on this challenge then here is what I found – it takes patience but there are plenty of ways that can help get your capture goal accomplished!

Did they get rid of sharks in Fortnite?

Shout out to loot sharks, I miss you. You were the quickest way of leveling up in Fortnite Battle Royale—before they removed all your spawn locations and saddled us with season 4’s crappy desert biome.

Did they get rid of sharks in Fortnite? I don’t think so!
A few weeks ago, players discovered that a particular map was full of huge water-based creatures. These discoveries were made after one player saw an image from another who had just finished playing on this same level and noticed some unusual looking waves near shoreline – something you would typically expect at least ten feet out into open ocean territory otherwise…

Who is the boss of the shark in fortnite?

Brutus, TNTina, and Meowscles are all at The Yacht. Brutus drops Brtus’ Mini-gun while TNTina drops TNTina’s Kaboom Bow. Meanwhile in the Shark server Skye has an infinite use Grappler Gun along with her Assault Rifle to drop onto anyone below who is trying to get a foothold on land for themselves or their team mates standing behind them!

Brutus, TNTina, and Meowscles are all at The Yacht. Brutus drops Brtus’ Mini-gun while TNTina drops TNTina’s Kaboom Bow. Meanwhile in the Shark server Skye has an infinite use Grappler Gun along with her Assault Rifle to drop onto anyone below who is trying to get a foothold on land for themselves or their team mates standing behind them!

The Alpha Shark is the boss of all sharks in Fortnite.
It’s large and has a lot more health than other Sharks, but it also moves slower making you easier to kill with your weapon if they’re close together while fighting them head on will not work either since there are usually many alpha shakespeares swimming around at once so fight wisely!

The chests in Fortnite are some of the most sought after items on Earth, and have been for years. They’re not only found inside buildings or near pop locations – anyone can open them! The first place many players look when they start exploring any map is their cursor; if it’s glowing green then that means there might be something worth searching out below (and sometimes even above).
The location for these specialesque containers vary depending upon where you play: whether at ground level like during assaulting battles against enemies who guard passively positioned supply piles outside villages…or deep underground beneath listened-over points which require partial collaboration with subdueing foes before cracking open metal containers housing rare weapons

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