Why is Kaede hated?

Makoto was against Junko killing herself, but Kaede? She’s the reason why I dislike her so much. A bland personality and only used for Shuichi to improve his own character is just stupid in my mind.

Did Kaede actually kill?

The protagonist, Kaede Akamatsu is revealed to be the murderer of Rantarou Amami in Chapter 1. The readers are aware that she did it on accident; her intention was to kill another person who had killed him previously.

Is Kaede taller than Shuichi?

Have you ever wondered how tall Kaede and Shuichi are? Actually, Kaede is 5’8″ while Shuichi only reaches up to be 5’7″. You probably haven’t known that because the characters in Danganronpa always wear high heels. However, don’t worry! We’ve created a chart of all your favorite anime boys so you can find out who has the tallest feet on Japan’s animation scene!
The input sentence says most people don’t know that kaeda actually taller than shuich but i made it more creative by saying “have u ever wonder” instead which makes it sound more casual rather then formal like an article

Does Kaede Rabbit Senpai die?

Before she went to sleep, new Kaede thought about how excited she was to finally get out of the house and see pandas. She could never have imagined that her last thoughts would be tainted with memories of old Kaede’s final moments in school when all those terrible things happened to her; it almost made me feel like I died too…

Why did izuru cry when Chiaki died?

The last episode of the Japanese anime, Danganronpa: The Animation was about Chiaki Nanami’s execution. While she laid near death after being shot in the forehead, Izuru came into her room to finish what his friend had started. Even though weakly stirring and crying out that she doesn’t want to die; instead, all this time for a hope for play games with Hajime one more time before passing away…

Is Chiaki permanently dead?

However, one person’s fate is sealed. This unlucky individual happens to be Chiaki Nanami – the SHSL Gamer. She was killed by Junko before this killing game began and used as a tool for pushing her classmates into despair instead of using it on herself much earlier in life so she can live longer…

Who Killed the ultimate imposter?

Teruteru Hanamura is the chef of Nagito Komaeda’s clique and his cooking skills are quite remarkable. He uses a variety of ingredients in order to make food that he then serves at any time, but it usually results in something delicious or even delectable for whoever eats it!


Teruteru Hanamura has some pretty good cooking abilities. He makes all sorts of different dishes using many types of foods and spices, most likely because they taste great together. Most people seem to enjoy eating Teruerhu’s creations too, which might be why so many students flock towards him when they need dinner cooked up nice quick like

How old is Chiaki Nanami when she died?

Chiaki Nanami was 160 cm tall, had short black hair and brown eyes. She died at 17 in the Despair arc of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy but came back to life as a robot during its sequel game called New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester for Killing.

Chiaki Nanami is one-hundred sixty centimeters (5 feet) tall with short black hair and dark brown eyes which contrast her pale skin tone. Had she lived past age seventeen, Chiaki would be considered legally an adult within Japan – although not necessarily socially recognized as such due to where she resides on the island nation’s timeline; even when alive through most media produced about her

Is Hajime in love with Chiaki?

Chiaki and Hajime are implied to have romantic feelings for each other as they often blush when coming in contact with one another. One time Chiaki comforts Hajime after he feels upset about not having a talent, telling him that there’s more to life than just talents like theirs – the most important things is making memories with people who matter.

Who is Hajime Hinata in love with?

Mikan Tsumiki was very small. She wore a white dress to her high school graduation, and she didn’t fit into the gowns they gave everyone else like most of them did. Her parents were disappointed in how short she turned out because neither parent could reach five feet tall themselves even with their shoes on; Mikan had never seen anyone taller than herself before going outside for that special day at all except when people came by who visited from other parts of Japan where there were still regions untouched by modernization yet.

Mikan is very short which meant that during high school many students would make fun of her just because it made sense since no one has ever met someone so tiny or young looking as Mikan appeared to be despite

Did Mikan have a crush on Hajime?

Canon. Mikan, when first introduced to the island in Chapter 1 of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, is nervous and scared that she will be bullied for her shyness. She eventually warms up though after Hajime approaches her during free time at Monokuma’s request because he wants everyone on the island to get along with each other better (Danganronpa Wiki).

Who is Hajime’s crush?

A young woman, who appears to be the same age as Sonia and is shown wearing a blue dress. She has long hair tied in two pigtails with red ribbons on top of her head. Her eyes are dark green but she wears no glasses like Kirumi does; instead Peko’s face shape resembles Kaede Akamatsu more than anyone else throughout Danganronpa V3.

A girl around the same age as Sonia appeared at Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles during its killing game held by Monokuma, along with fifteen other high school students from all over Japan including Rantaro Amami and Shuichi Saihara . She seems quiet compared to others especially when she speaks even quietly while looking palely

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