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YouTube is one of the most famous websites for online video streaming. Every internet user has once visited YouTube in their life. It is one of the most demanding applications in the current era. Internet users in their leisure time enjoy watching funny, educational, and creative videos on YouTube.

YouTube also has a premium version available. You need to pay the charges to avail of the premium features. There is also a YouTube mod apk available for android phones. In the coming section, we will discuss all youtube mod apk. YouTube has gained much popularity in the past decade, it is on the list of the topmost visited website in the world. Furthermore, there are over 1 million watch hours on youtube on a daily basis.


History of YouTube

YouTube was launched in February 2005 by three former Paypal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The purpose of this website was to share the video content with others online. In addition to this, users can also subscribe to other channels and accounts. Almost every news channel also has its channels on YouTube. They also stream their videos on YouTube as well to enhance awareness and to increase the total number of subscribers.

YouTube also allows its users to earn revenue from the advertisements. In recent years, we have seen that before starting a YouTube video, a few second advertisements are played. These are usually paid. People are earning huge amount of money from the advertisements. With the popularity of YouTube, the concept of Vlogs or Video logs has also emerged. In Vlogs, people visit different places and record their videos, after that they upload on Youtube to tell the subscribers about their experience. In this way, their views are increased and will gain popularity on the Youtube

Youtube Mod apk
Youtube Mod apk

Some shares of YouTube were also acquired by Google in 2006. After that, YouTube has gained much fame. Since then, Youtube has found a new interest among competitors. In addition to this, it also supported the content creator to distinguish it from others.

In 2013, YouTube offered its subscribers to new revenue streams that provide the content creator a premium account and subscription-based channels. The premium account had a lot of additional features; we will discuss them in the coming section. YouTube mobile application was also launched for Android and IOS devices.

According to a report, in 2017 over 400 hours of content was uploaded within a single minute. Furthermore, over 1 billion hours of content is watched every 24 hours.

Features of YouTube

YouTube offers a variety of features to its customers. The following are some of the features of YouTube.

Video Format

Youtube uses two main formats for the online streaming of the videos; these formats are VP9 and MPEG-4 AVC. Currently, YouTube also started playing the video format of AV1.

Playing the video

Initially, playing a video on Youtube required adobe flash player. In 2010, Youtube tried an experiment with HTML5 that has video playback capacity. After the success of nearly 5 years, in 2015 Youtube switched to HTML5 that is compatible with most of the browser and doesn’t require Adobe Flash Player to play the video

Video uploading

Normally all the users can upload the video for 15 minutes. The number of uploads is unlimited. Verified users can also upload the video up to 12 hours along with the live stream. The verification is done through a mobile phone. There was a limit of 10 minutes in 2010 which was increased to 15 minutes in the same year. Before 2008, users can upload the video for over 12 hours. Furthermore, before the caption was made automatically by speech recognition, however, it was converted into a manual caption for better and accurate captions.

Quality of videos

Initially, Youtube allows the user to view only a single quality video which has a resolution of 320×240. Later on, with the advancement in technology, the quality of the videos was also increased. It initially was 720p than 1020p. After that, the users can view the videos of 4K and then 8K. Currently, Youtube offers HDR videos to the users that are one of the best quality videos.

Live streaming of videos

Another great feature of YouTube is live streaming. It allows the user to stream their videos live on the internet. YouTube initially start an experiment in 2009 when they showed a live concert of U2. Furthermore, the QA session with the President of the USA Barack Obama was also shown live on Youtube. They launched YouTube Live for live streaming.

Initially, YouTube placed a limit on Live Stream. It was compulsory to have at least 1000 subscribers to avail the feature of the live stream, this number was reduced to 100 and later on the limit was removed. Now you just need to verify your account from your smartphone and can do live streaming. This live Streaming introduced the concept of Video logs that we have talked in the previous section. During live streaming, Youtube also offers the feature of Super chat. In these features, the viewers can comment and interact with the live streamers.

360o Videos

YouTube also offers 360o videos to its users. These videos are specifically made for the Virtual reality headsets and it can support up to 4K videos. This feature isn’t widely used by the users, however, it is quite an innovative feature.


This feature is specifically for the users. It allows the users to create a community where they can share different content like videos, images, and Gifs. There was a limit on this feature as well. Initially, users can avail of this feature who has 10000 subscribers, this limit was reduced to 1500 and then to 1000.

YouTube premium

Youtube also offers its premium account to the users. We will discuss this feature in the coming section.

YouTube TV

YouTube also launched a TV service for users. In the United States of America, the subscription charges for the YouTube TV were $35 per month. There are over 40 channels that can be viewed through Youtube TV. This feature is best if you own a smart TV. You don’t need a dish antenna; you can enjoy the premium TV watching experience with YouTube TV.

YouTube Go

Youtube Go is an android based application, which is developed by the Youtube. It allows better and easy access of the content to the users. In addition to this, the users can also download and share the videos from the youtube through Bluetooth. Furthermore, you can also download and watch the videos offline.

YouTube Premium

In the previous section, we have talked little about the YouTube Premium. Previously, YouTube Premium was called YouTube Red. The users need to pay a subscription fee to avail of the premium features of YouTube. Initially, this service was launched in 2014 as a Music Key. It offered ads-free music videos to the users. Later on, in 2015, this service was renamed as YouTube Red.

The premium subscriptions allow a lot of new features to the users. First of all, it has the feature of ads free videos. You don’t need to watch or to skip the ad when you play a video with a premium account. The ads will never appear. In addition to this, you can also get access to premium accounts of YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming. With these apps, you can play offline videos.

Platforms for YouTube

Originally, Youtube was started with a simple computer website. However, with the emergence of technology, Youtube is also innovated a lot. Currently, you can find the Youtube application on Windows, Android, and IOS phones. The quality of video streaming is also up to the mark. To install YouTube on your windows, you simply need to visit the windows store. Search for Youtube and you can install it. In addition to this, YouTube is already installed on IOS and android phones. If you still want to install it. Visit Google Play or App store, search for YouTube over there and install it on your phone. Make sure to login in with your account, In this way, you can view your already watched videos and you can also download videos to watch them offline.

What is Mod

Well, the groups of developers have introduced the concept of mod or hacked versions of the application. Mod is also called modified. Certain features are offered in the modified version. These features are mostly related to the premium version. You need to spend some dollars to get the premium account, however, with mod file, you can get all those features without paying a single penny.

What is apk

You might already be familiar with the exe file in Windows. Exe is an executable file that allows the user to install software on the computer. Similarly, android is also an operating system. The executable file of android phones is apk file. Whenever you download an application from Google play, it is an apk file. This file is installed on the smartphone. Mod apk file is a modified file for android phones. You need to download it on your computer, after that you have to copy it to your cell phone. There are some prerequisite steps that you must follow to install a mod apk file on your mobile phone. We will tell you guys about it shortly.

What does Youtube mod apk stand for

Just like other applications, there is also a modified application for YouTube. In addition to this, apk is an executable file for android phones which have discussed in the previous heading. YouTube mod apk is a modified version of YouTube. You can get all premium access in the mod version of this application. This modified version is also called vanced version. We will discuss about its features in the coming section as well.

Youtube Mod apk
Youtube Mod apk

Benefits of using YouTube Mod Apk

One of the main benefits of the mod apk version of YouTube is that you can get all premium access for free. You just need to install it and you are done. There will be no ads and in addition to this, there will be many features that you can access. Furthermore, your money will be saved if you use mod apk for YouTube. It is although little difficult to install, however, the application is worth it.

There is another version of the YouTube mod which is called OGYouTube MOD we will discuss them in detail under the next heading.


What is YouTube Vanced?

This modified version of Youtube which is also called YouTube Vanced is developed by the team vanced which includes Razerman, ZaneZam, Laura almeida, and KevinX8. This modified version has a lot of features and is one of the best and most used modified versions available on the internet.

Difference between OGYouTube Mod and YouTube Vanced

Well, both of these YouTube versions are modified form of original Youtube. Some of the people have reported that OGYoutube is a counterfeit version of YouTube Vanced. In addition to this, OGYoutube has additional features like downloading videos to your local storage.

Furthermore, OGYoutube is available in the previous design of Youtube, whereas, YouTube vanced is available in the new design with all premium features of the Youtube.

YouTube Mod Apk

Under this heading, we will tell you guys that how can you download the YouTube Mod apk file from the internet. You can download the apk version of Youtube. One of the best things in this mod version is that you don’t need to root your device to use this application. Well, open the link from your mobile phone. After that, you need to install MicroG on your phone. Once MicroG is installed, now click on the install button to install YouTube Mod apk. Select the preferred theme and click on next. The YouTube mod apk will be installed on your phone.

You might be thinking about the features of YouTube mod apk. Don’t worry, we will tell you guys about the features and the benefits of Youtube mod apk.

Features of YouTube mod Apk

There are several features of the YouTube mod apk that is offered to the users. The following are the features

No ads

One of the best features of youtube mod apk is that you don’t need to watch the ads. You don’t have to wait for the ads to finish so that you can watch the video. In the modified version, the videos can be played easily and add free.


Another feature that is offered by a modified version of Youtube is playback. You can play a video in the background. This feature is best if you are listening to a song and doing your work. This kind of feature is unavailable in the real Youtube version. In addition to this, you can also attach your phone with the car’s Bluetooth and play the music in the background while watching navigating.

Set Audio and Video quality

You can also set the audio and video quality of any video in the modified version of Youtube. This feature is available in the Premium version only. However, the video quality can be changed in the normal version as well.

Select your theme

You can also choose your theme of the application based on your taste. There are generally two themes available for Youtube, white and black. Some people like the white theme, whereas, some prefer the black ground. However, if you want to watch a video while in bed during the dark, I would suggest that you should prefer a black theme. It will cool your eyes.

Suggestion setting

YouTube also offers suggested videos. In the free version, the suggestions keep on popping on the top right corner. One of the best things in mod version is that you can disable these suggestions and you can experience the premium quality video with these premium features.

Auto Repeat

The modified version of Youtube also has an auto-repeat function. This function is usually availed by the people who love to listen to music while driving or exercising. This feature is unavailable in free version

Pinch to Zoom

You cannot zoom a video in the free version of Youtube. However, you can do this in the premium, but you need to purchase a premium account to do so. Don’t worry you can do this with mod version. Install the mod version in your smartphone and after that just pinch the video while running just like you do it with the images.

YouTube mod apk for PC

Well, this application is specifically for your android phones. You cannot directly install it on your computer. If you wish to install it on your computer you might need an emulator that runs the apk file. There are tons of emulators available on the internet. However, one of our recommended emulators is BlueStack. Just type BlueStack on google and you will reach the link, after that, you can download and install it on your system. Once the emulator is installed follow the aforementioned steps for the installation of YouTube mod apk and you can enjoy the premium Youtube experience on the pc.

If the application is not installing in your device

There are some situations in which the application will not install in your device. Don’t worry, we will help you out through it as well. These are the steps that you need to follow in case if the application is not installing in your device

  • Uninstall or disable the previous Youtube application from your smartphone
  • Make sure to enable the installation from an unknown source. You can find this option in the security of your setting
  • Make sure to grant permission to the application. You can find permission option from the application option in your setting area.

Install the mod with the aforementioned method and enjoy the experience of Premium Youtube.

If your application keeps on force closing you can still try some remedies. Try to reinstall the application. In case the problem still persists, try to clear and remove all the Cache and data from that application. You must also install MicroG before installing this application. In case if it is not installed make sure to install MicroG. If the problem still persists, update your android operating system to the latest version.


  1. Is YouTube free for all?

Well, Youtube is free for all; however, there are certain features that are unavailable in the free version. Therefore you can purchase a premium account to avail those features. In addition to this, you can also install the mod version of Youtube,

  1. Is Youtube mod apk safe to use?

Well, it is totally safe to use. You can install a modified version of youtube from the aforementioned method. Installing the modified version of the Youtube will not affect your smartphone. Furthermore, it will also not slow down your phone

  1. What is the YouTube premium?

Youtube is actually free for everyone on the internet. There are a few options that you cannot skip in free versions like you have to watch the ads while playing for even before playing the video. YouTube premium offers add free Youtube to its users. Furthermore, there are a few other features that are offered by the YouTube premium

  1. What are the famous mods of Youtube

There are two main mods of Youtube available on the internet. One is Youtube vanced and the other is OGYoutube. These two mods are often used by the users.

  1. What are the features that I can get in the mod version of the Youtube?

The following are some of the features that are offered by the modified version of youtube.

  • Ads-free video streaming
  • Pinch to Zoom
  • Enable or disable the suggestion
  • Change the audio and video quality
  • Choose your favorite theme


  1. How to download Youtube mod apk?

We have mentioned the whole method to download and install a youtube mod apk. You can refer to the above article for the installation of the mod.

  1. Is mod an official version of Youtube?

Well, the mod is never an official version of Youtube. It is developed by a couple of developers. The word mod refers to a modified or hacked version. The features are added by the developers so that users could enjoy them.

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