Youtube Music Premium Apk – An Ultimate Guide

YouTube Music app is a premium music streaming app made by Google and launched on 12 November 2015.It has more than 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone. We are familiar with Youtube video streaming apps used by everyone but Youtube music is much different then Youtube app.

It started with a Youtube music streaming app back then but now it is capable of much more than that. So, what is Youtube music premium apk? To answer this question I have to tell you that Youtube music streaming apps are not as free as Youtube. We have to buy a monthly subscription as we do on Spotify. By installing Youtube music premium apk you no need to purchase a monthly subscription.

Over the past few years, music streaming has become very famous these days even though everyone knows about it. Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms will further boost the popularity of streaming apps.

Streaming music has been around since 2006, the Spotify app is not a new service to any one. However, many music streaming apps have started appearing recently to take advantage of streaming’s popularity and Youtube music is one of them.

Youtube Music Premium Apk – What Does It Do

In the past, we would listen to music by watching YouTube, using the radio, recording CDs, or downloading them to our phones. Fortunately, the internet has brought us new innovation in the form of music streaming apps. This is like Netflix for music, where we can listen to what we love without interruptions and wherever we like. In addition to the others, Google has also recently launched their own music streaming app named YouTube Music.

As this is a streaming app, you can listen to hundreds of thousands of songs without any limits. That means by using these apps you do not need to download music, and you can theoretically use them from anywhere as long as there is a connection to a data/internet network. Additionally, it has other features, such as AI that automatically discovers music by your preferences and tastes.

YouTube Music allows you to listen to music without restrictions and without interruption. It is also a pretty cool thing that you can search through your music just by entering its lyrics with this app. However, the major advantage it can give you is the ability to discover music that is music of your taste. You can’t get this feature from other listening methods.

Features of YouTube Music Premium App

YouTube Music isn’t just a simple music streaming app, it’s way more than that. Even when you compare it with Spotify, there are still some features that make it unbearable. Some of them are:

  • High-quality and officially licensed music
  • Thousands of song for you to discover
  • Search songs by just lyrics
  • Background play ability
  • No in app ads
  • Option to download music
  • Showing recommendations according to your taste
  • Equalizer for music
  • Option for restrict mode

High-quality And Officially Licensed Music

The music on YouTube is available for free to download. Unfortunately, this method sometimes does not offer the best sound quality possible. You will not be able to enjoy the Youtube app music experience as much as you would when using YouTube music streaming app. This is because YouTube bought a licence that’s why the music on YouTube Music app is of the highest quality. Thus, you need not be concerned about anything interrupting your music enjoyment.

Thousands Of Song For You To Discover

Besides Spotify, YouTube Music contains millions of songs. Moreover, it is updated frequently, which means new music is added each day. There is more music available on YouTube than you can possibly listen to in your lifetime due to it being such a large search engine. You can search based on categories and your preferences, without having to go anywhere. It’s up to you!

Search Songs By Just Lyrics

Sometimes, we hear catchy songs on the radio or in the mall out of nowhere. Unfortunately, we do not know what the title of the song is when trying to find it. Since this is such an annoying thing to do, it is a serious problem and Youtube music app addresses this issue by giving you the option to search for a song by just typing its lyrics.

Background Play Ability

For those of you who have used the internet, especially the YouTube app on your mobile, you know how frustrating it is to not be able to play YouTube videos in the background. Those who want to multitask on their phones while listening to music will find this feature to be a lifesaver. On your phone, you can play downloaded music while doing other activities, but YouTube Music offers more features.

No In App Ads

Most people probably hate annoying ads more than they hate bad music. The problem with YouTube is that it has a lot of different ads, especially when you watch longer videos. You will not be bothered by advertisements with YouTube Music Premium.

With this, you can have ad-free music that is guaranteed to last for a very long time. Streaming music takes away the need to download, as there are no ads popping up out of nowhere to mess up your mood.

Option To Download Music

In the days before streaming platforms became popular, people used to download songs through third-party apps. Now, YouTube Music allows you to download the music right from the app. All you need to do is download the files for free if you enjoy what you’re listening to. You have also saved some data usage by this.

Showing Recommendations According To Your Taste

YouTube Music provides recommendations based on your preferences, making it such an intelligent streaming platform. It is only natural that YouTube Music also incorporates this feature as Youtube has had that feature for so long.

A variety of factors influence your recommendations, including your location, your usage and other factors. Your list of music also contributes to what you’ll see in your recommendations. The YouTube Music algorithm works in this way.

Equalizer For Music

It is a standard feature in most music players, but you can edit the equalizer and adjust what you would like to hear. Youtube Music provides this feature because the content of Youtube Music is licensed and they keep original copy of music.

Option For Restrict Mode

Last but not least, YouTube Music lets users hide content flagged as inappropriate by other users. It will ensure that everything on the platform is secured from bad content.

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