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Updated on June 20, 2022

After a year, Zenonia 4 re-entered the mobile game ranks for Gamevil. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny was released in November 2012 as the 5th installment in the Zenonia series. The creator of this game pledges to include more new mechanics than old ones.

Introduce about ZENONIA 5

The story

Part 5 of the Zenonia series has returned, and Gamevil has gotten a slew of accolades from gamers all over the world.

You could call it a revolution from the developer, given how drastically different it is from the last game.

Players are also enthralled by the game’s engrossing plot.

To honor the memory of the demon lord’s death, Lu was named king of Andra.

The good times were short-lived, as the kingdom was undergoing massive transformations at the time.

After the war, greed and self-centeredness have taken over society.

Andra was plunged into darkness once more as the aristocracy began to oppress the poor.

One of them is Aster, who was killed by the army while they hunted down the corrupt and has returned to avenge his death. And in the middle of that, a heroic villager emerged from the ruins to take on the terrible forces that were threatening to destroy Andra.

Classic role playing gameplay

ZENONIA 5 is a continuation of the classic role-playing gameplay that has been used in earlier editions of the game.

The first stage is to pick a character class, then go to the NPCs and complete the story missions they provide you.

You can move and attack with the joystick button or the right keys on your keyboard.

It’s important to take care of your character’s strength by leveling up, farming stuff, and upgrading talents as well.

Story and PvP are still the primary forms of play in the game.

Using the PvP arena, you can face off against gamers from around the world.

If you win a PvP match, you’ll be rewarded with enticing prizes.

Character system

Each of the four classes in Zenonia 5 has its own abilities.

It is possible to select your character’s class before to commencing the game.

The options include those for Ben (a Berzerker), Evan (an Mechanic), Neal (a Wizard), and Ryan (Paladin).

There are two melee attacks, Abel and Ryan, that can be used together for maximum damage and survival.

As an archer, Evan prefers to employ a dual pistol and a cannon in battle, where he aims to inflict maximum damage on the opponent while destroying them as rapidly as possible.

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The more INT line points you have, the more damage you can do with your skills.

You can change the character’s look in this section, including hair and skin color.

Each character has three different skin and hair color options that you can select from.

Forging equipment

Upgrade, Combine, and Refine are the only options available for this feature.

It’s important to note that each feature boosts your equipment’s ability to handle the most challenging scenarios.

Your character’s stats will need to be upgraded as you continue through the game.

You may also participate in more challenging game modes and receive a variety of tantalizing rewards by building strength.


A new mechanic in Zenonia, Abyss, is extremely difficult.

You may only sign up once a day for free. You can only fight for a limited amount of time in each gate, which contains a random assortment of enemies and sorts. Powerful Bosses arrive every ten floors to test your mettle. In this mode, items are not permitted to be used.

In addition to Abyss, Hell Mode was also created by the same person.

Only after you’ve vanquished Salvatore and completed the game do you get access to this mode.

You will return to the village of Agran, equipment and skills will be from the previous turn, you do not need to play from the beginning completely. This time around, there will be a fresh challenge because the weakest enemies all begin at level 90 or higher.


Zenonia 5’s PVP mechanisms are slightly different from the previous one.

Only one-on-one matches are allowed, and your opponent is chosen at random from among those five levels above or below your own.

You have 90 seconds to defeat your opponent after the 3 second countdown.

Of course, there are goods that are not allowed.

The title is bestowed upon you after a set amount of victories.

Each title has its own stat, however all titles that have earned a specific triumph will contribute to the total.

Having the Loser title, which is earned after losing 10 bouts, will boost your defense by 10%.


Graphically, Zenonia 5 is a paradigm shift. Compared to the previous installments, everything has been greatly enhanced.

Character design, maps, and animation are all significantly improved.

Additionally, the game’s interface has been updated.

You’ll be able to maneuver characters with ease and perform some of the most stunning moves ever seen in a role-playing game.

However, compared to games made with Unity or Unreal Engine, it is still a long way off. However, Digital Design is the only team that deserves credit for creating such a game.

MOD APK version of ZENONIA 5

MOD feature

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I recommend Zenonia 5 if you’re looking for appealing action role-playing games.

Good gameplay and lovely graphics make this a great free-to-play game, but you’ll need to spend real money to extend your inventory, which can be unpleasant at first. Let’s take on the heroic roles of Andra’s protectors.


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